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T-Blaster, a Giraffe program set in the future

Sat Jun 15, 2002 - 12:09 AM EDT - By Michael Ducker

Many power users of Palm Pilots might remember the Giraffe program included with every Palm OS handheld. The point of this program was to help master the Graffiti handwriting language in a fun way.

Now Handspring has teamed up with Astraware to do the same thing for Treos.

T-Blaster is a great looking game that helps users master the skill of typing on the Treo Keyboard. Call it a modern version of Giraffe. Download it for a limited time free here. It takes full advantage of the Treo 90’s and 270’s color screen, and can help exercise numbers, punctuation and more. Long time VisorCentral users might remember that Handspring teamed up with Astraware when the Visor Prism was released to give the first 16 bit color game.

Hopefully this will help users learn to touch-type better so that the lack of a backlight on the Treo's keyboard isn't as much as a problem!

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