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RexRegina Stanton Nouveau Chocolate Croc Case for Treo 750, 700p, 700w|wx, 680, 650, 600

Wed Feb 7, 2007 - 10:58 AM EST - By Jennifer Chappell


I'm a big believer in cases and I have a case for every PDA device I own. I never carry a PDA without it being in a case of some kind. I would never even consider putting a Palm in my pocket. Not that there's anything wrong with that; it's just a big "No No" for me. I just recently got my Treo 680 and of course there are already hundreds of cases out there to choose from for this new device. When I saw the RexRegina cases that were available for the Treo 680, the Stanton Nouveau Chocolate Croc Case immediatley caught my eye. The case is a faux crocodile case of course and no crocodiles were harmed in making this wonderful case. I love the look of the crocodile pattern on cases.


I thought that the RexRegina case was packaged nicely. The case came in a white cardboard box that was slid into a white sleeve. The box has the RexRegina name and emblem on the lid. Upon opening the lid I found the case nestled in a white, felt material with "RexRegina" printed in dark grey. I lifted the white felt and my eyes feasted on the gorgeous chocolate leather embossed with beautiful crocodile patterns.

Opening packages such as these are nice experiences. There's a little thrill of surprise in lifting the veil and gazing upon the treasure inside. Some cases come in see-through plastic so you instantly see the case with no building up to that first look.


The RexRegina Stanton Nouveau cases are side pouch cases that are made to be worn horizontally on your belt or a handbag, gadget bag, or backpack strap. I've been carrying my case clipped to one of my handbags as I hardly ever wear my Treo on a belt. You can also carry the case inside a gadget bag, laptop case, or inside a handbag. Like many girls, I like for my accessories to match and was very pleased that the RexRegina case matched one of my favorite faux crocodile handbags!

RexRegina's Stanton Nouveau Collection also includes three other color choices; Black Tie Croc Leather, Brown Pebble Grain Leather, and Black Sand Pebble Grain Leather. RexRegina uses the best Italian leathers embossed with pebble grain and crocodile patterns in dark colors to give the Nouveau Collection an incredibly rich and distinguished character. These leathers are aniline dyed, so they're richly colored all the way through. This dying process gives the leathers a depth of coloring superior to simply coloring the surface of the leather with paint or pigment. The leathers have a luxurious, distinctive appearance, which makes these cases unlike any others commonly available for the Treo and iPod.

Each of RexRegina's products must satisfy three quality requirements:

  • The Best Materials - Italy's tanneries produce the world's best leathers, and RexRegina cases are made from the best Italian leathers. Our goal is to ensure that the look and feel of your case is immediately distinguishable as a premium product.

  • Thoughtful Design - RexRegina cases include thoughtful design features that make them beautiful and enhance their use. Your case must look distinctive, and it must work well.

  • Quality Workmanship - Guaranteed. We take a craftsman-like approach to the build of our cases. Each case is guaranteed to be free from material and workmanship defects.

    I really love the look of the chocolate croc case! It's just beautiful in MHO. This case was made to enhance the look of the Treo and I must say that it certainly does that well. The case is luxurious and stylish with the shiny, chocolate leather embossed with the crocodile pattern. The chocolate leather has subtle highlights which I really like.

    My Treo 680 fits inside the case perfectly. The case creates a snug and protective fit for my Treo so I know that my Treo is safe. The front and back of the Treo are completely covered. I like that you can put your Treo in the case turned either way you prefer. I prefer to have the Treo facing the snap closure with the left side facing up. That way, I can use my headset and can take the Treo out of the case without having to disconnect the headset from the Treo before doing so.


    The RexRegina Choc Croc case has an integrated belt clip which is great. Since the belt clip is integrated, you don't have to worry about it breaking, popping off, or getting lost while wearing the case on your belt. My husband came home from work just yesterday and was complaining about the case he's using for his Treo 650. He said that the removable belt clip popped off while he was at work and his Treo inside the case went crashing to the floor. He was not happy at all. Luckily, his Treo wasn't damaged.

    The strap on the case has a magnetic closure which is important to me because it makes snapping the case closed so much easier. The strap placement allows for easy access to side buttons. Many times I have to turn up the volume when talking to someone so it's nice to be able to reach down and have access to the volume button on the side. The strap has RexRegina's emblem stamped into it which looks nice too.

    The case is lined inside with a smooth, black leather so your Treo won't get scratched putting it in or removing it from the the case. RexRegina is stamped inside the case.


    I've used this case for a few weeks with my Treo 680 and it has worked out well. I can talk on the phone while it's in the case and I can use my headset while the Treo is inside the case. The case makes a real fashion statement with its beautiful, rich leather and the crocodile pattern. So I can use my Treo and look good at the same time. Well, the Treo looks good anyway. ;-)

    This case protects your Treo and does allow you to use the device while in the case. Of course if you're looking for a case that allows you to use your touch screen and keyboard, this case isn't for you.

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