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Treos Everywhere

Wed Feb 28, 2007 - 5:10 PM EST - By Jennifer Chappell


Note: Most of the pics can be clicked on for larger images

Update: Some of our TreoCentral readers have written in and let me know about some more Treo sitings.

David wrote in and mentioned the show "Entourage". David says that Ari Gold uses his as a data device, and calls it 'the batphone'.

Gerard writes, "I'd just like to add that in the hit series "Shark,"starring the Oscar-nominated James Woods, the Treo 700p has been featured several times as the mobile phone used by the title character played by Woods, on occasion even with close-up shots as Shark receives a phone call or an SMS or uses the Treo's built-in camera for his cases."

Mike writes, "I just read your article on treocentral, and loved it, I am one of those as well that get all excited when I spot one on TV or a movie!! I also noted your picture and mention of the one used in CSI: New York. I just wanted to let you know (if you haven't noticed yourself already) the show airing right before CSINY; Criminal Minds used Treos with a couple of their characters as well. Also, the main character (James Woods) on Shark (Thursday night after CSI) uses one as well. I am sure there are many more, but I got caught up in your writing and wanted to let you know of the ones I knew about!!!"

And duanedude1 wrote, "Jennifer... If you are going to mention pre-treo PDA devices in the movies... Don't forget that Edward Furlong used an Atari Portfolio portable palmtop computer to get free money out of an ATM in Terminator 2."

Thanks for letting me know about those great Treo sitings! It certainly doesn't take much to make us gadget freaks happy. ;-)

Update: Simon, one of our TreoCentral readers wrote and let me know that I'd missed mentioning a very important movie that had a Treo in it. Apparently Al Gore was seen with a Treo and a PowerBook in the movie "An Inconvenient Truth". So here's a pic I got from Steve Rhodes' great flickr page. I also got some other great pics there like the Treo advertising. Thanks Steve!

I didn't see the movie and don't watch a lot of news so I didn't realize Al Gore had used a Treo. Smart choice for a phone though Al!

Harv wrote and told me something interesting about a movie that I had seen but had forgotten about this part of the movie.

In the movie "Under Siege 2 - Dark Territory", Steven Segal used a Newton jerry-rigged to phone lines with alligator clips in the hijacked train to send a FAX to his fellow former Navy seal who was a cook at the Pentagon or some place to notify the generals that the train had been hijacked by bad guys.. who planned to use computers to re-program secret satellites to blow crap up unless they were paid some huge amount of ransom..

This was long before Treos existed and Newtons were the hot thing.. they had FAX ability, both send and receive, built into their firmware.. something Treos don't even have over a dozen years later..

That is soooooo Cooooool! Thanks Harv!

Treos seem to be everywhere these days. They have become a popular choice of phone for the real world and also on the big and small screen. If you're reading this article, you most likely own a Treo yourself and you get excited like I do when you notice someone on the street using a Treo or you spot one on a tv show. If you live in a big city, you have most likely been confronted by one of the Palm Treo advertisements. Treos are popping up everywhere and I must say that I love it!

I'd love to visit a big city like New York and be able to see huge Palm ads like this one. Fellow writer Jimmie Geddes took this Treo/Google ad photo with his Palm Treo 700p while in New York over the weekend.

As for myself, I live in a small town and I hardly ever see anyone with a Treo. I'm sure there are Treo owners around here but I just haven't run into any yet. Everyone who sees my Treo certainly seems impressed by it. I've had a couple of people ask me if it was one of those BlackBerrys. I told one of those people that it wasn't a BlackBerry but a Palm Treo. That person answered with, "Well, it's the same thing." What?! Not hardly! But I just held my tongue and went my merry way knowing what a treasure I truly have in my Treo.

Like many of you, I'm a tv addict as well as a gadget freak. My heart always skips a beat whenever I spot a Treo in a commercial or tv show. I get such a deep sense of pride at seeing that beautiful device being used by some of my favorite or even unknown characters. The only phones you used to see on television were those old Bakelite phones that usually sat on a little table in hallways. The first mobile phone I saw on television was when an important ciy fellow came driving into Mayberry in a big car that had a telephone inside. I remember watching that and being very impressed with such cool technology. Well, nowadays all you see are mobile phones glued to the sides of 80% of the people's heads that walk by. It's like some of them think that they have to be on their cell phone everywhere they go. What did these people do before the cell phone? Did they pull up to every phone booth they passed by on the street and yack away? Anyway, best not to get myself started on that subject.

Back to the topic, Treos are being seen more and more on tv and in the movies. And of course Treos aren't the only PDA device that has played an important part on the screen. Remember a couple of years ago when "Little Black Book" came out? I was stoked that the Palm Tungsten C was going to be such an important part of a movie! I wonder how many people went out and bought one after seeing the movie?

I've also seen iPaq PDAs on television shows and movies. Denzel Washington used an iPaq with GPS in the movie "Out of Time". His character wore the device on his belt and used the iPaq for directions and for entering details on the case he was working. One of the characters on the show "Medical Investigation" used to work on some type of PDA that looked like an iPaq. I also saw one and maybe even a Dell PPC on one of the CSI shows, the original I believe.

But back to the ever popular Treo, I saw Clive Owen, one of the main bad guys in the movie "Inside Man", using a Treo. He was hiding inside a bank and pulled the Treo out of a bag and called someone. I took the pic on the left using my Treo after pausing the DVD. Sorry about the pitiful quality of the photo!

Another movie had a Treo in it but in this movie, the Treo played a crucial role. Russell Crowe's character in "A Good Year" used a Palm Treo 650. Crowe's character used the Treo for email, phone, and computer capabilities and it was his lifeline. An interesting video about the movie and the starring Treo can be seen at msnbc.msn.com. Palm lent two Treos to the movie set and got them back after shooting was completed so it cost Palm nothing.

Jim Christensen, Director of Palm Communications, Palm Inc., said that Palm regularly meets with the studios and talks about not only the current product and what it can do, but they look at the products that are coming out in the future and say, "Here's some of the things that you could write into the script." Christensen also said:

"From Palm's standpoint, we look at this as being something above and beyond anything we could ever do with advertising and market programs because this will be identified both from its physical look and its functionality and its ringtone by millions and millions of movie goers around the world."

The Palm Treo was seen recently in another movie. When I first read about "Snakes On a Plane" having a Treo in it, I thought I'd read that the Treo was an important part of the movie. I saw the movie a couple of weeks ago and I was surprised that the Treo wasn't actually seen all that much. It was there and did provide something very important to the characters but I just wish that the Treo had been shown more often and with more closeups.

One of my favorite new shows is "Ugly Betty" and I was thrilled to see Daniel Meade, one of the main characters, using a Treo 700p in the very first episode. I've also seen Daniel's father Bradford using a Treo while being chauffeured in his limo.

The Treo has popped up in another new show too. There were two girls in the first episode of "Dirt" on FX texting back and forth with their Treos. The girls were gossiping about their boss played by Courtney Cox. Cox's character saw their messages on her own Treo and got back at them by typing up a message that appeared on a big screen for everyone at the table to see. The message said something like, "Don't text anything on your Treo that you don't want everyone to see." (Hiss) ;-)

A Treo has also made an appearance on other shows such as "Boston Legal", "Crossing Jordan", "According to Jim", "How I Met Your Mother", "ER", and "CSI NY". Treo owners like to talk about where they've spotted Treos on tv and elsewhere. There are even threads on forums about the subject. Mytreo.net has a thread titled "Treo Sitings" which is an interesting read.

And of course I saved the best (well to me it's the best anyway) for last. Jack Bauer of the show "24" is my Hero! I love the show and watch it faithfully. The gadget freak/addict in me can't help but love the show because there are so many cool gadgets and gizmos used every week! Jack has used a Treo 650 in some past episodes and he used a Treo 700p last week! Jack has used a Treo to take pics of terrorists, to detonate a bomb, to download maps and blueprints of buildings, and of course to talk with his fellow workers over at CTU. I wish Jack would use a Treo all the time but he keeps switching phones. He uses some sort of flip phone a lot. Heck, even TreoCentral's forums has a thread about Jack and his trusty Treo! I loved some of the funny stuff that is said in that thread.

stroths says, "I noticed it too. Its a Sprint 700p that he was using. I wonder what he will do when he gets the white screen lag?"

Dim-Ize says, "Actually, they tried to use a 680 in the scene originally." "The battery wouldn't make it through the scene."

And I say, with all the power consumption Jack must use up with his Treo doing all those special tasks, if he does have a 680, he'd better get an extended battery. And I don't believe anyone will ever make one that would be large enough for Jack! His phone would have such a large hump on the back that it wouldn't fit into his gear bag.

And I saw a blog awhile back dedicated to Jack Bauer which is always fun to read. The blog is called Blogs4Bauer. Check out this funny pic of Jack's Treo 700w that someone created.

Jack is back each week to save the world from terrorists. He uses lots of cool gadgets on the show. If you're ever lusting after them or wondering what some of his gear includes, Uncrate has an article called "Jack Bauer's Gear" that you should check out. If you've never watched "24" before, you should catch an episode and give it a whirl. The show had been on for two seasons before I ever watched it. My parents were always watching it and talking about how great it was. I thought, "Bah, I can probably do without it." But after I sat down and watched one episode, I was totally hooked! I immediately got on ebay and bought the DVD of Season 1 and watched it all in two sittings on my laptop! Then I joined NetFlix and rented Season 2. And now I'm chained to my television every Monday night so I can watch Jack save the world! Oh, and Jack, you can come and save me any ole time. I'll give you one of my Treos if you stop by my house! ;-)

Hey, even Tunji Afonja, the cool developer of DialByPhoto has got "24" fever. He has a great blog and there's a post about Jack Bauer upgrading his Treo. Check out his cool wallpaper. I downloaded it and have it on my Treo and my Palm TX! Thanks Tunji!

Note: Jimmie Geddes will be reviewing DialByPhoto in the near future so stay tuned.

Well, Treo lovers, let's all keep an eye out for our favorite Palm device to show up on the streets where we live, the buses that we ride, the planes that we fly on, and for Treos to keep showing up on the big and small screen more often! Do you know where your Treo is? Mine is right here next to me and I'm getting ready to go play a few rounds of Bejeweled after my work day is done!

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