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Monaco Aluminum Case for Treo 750

Thu Mar 29, 2007 - 3:23 AM EDT - By Tim Hillebrand


When you leave the protection of the castle, it’s a good idea to dress your mobile device and faithful servant in a coat of protective armor. Yet, you still want him to be nimble and not too encumbered. If you want him to be stylish and still have full functionality, you will want to consider the Monaco Aluminum Case.

This case is made from anodized aircraft grade aluminum which will shield your mobile device from bumps and scratches. The case has neoprene lining that covers the inside to protect and hold your 750 securely in place. The neoprene also keeps your Treo from getting scuffed going in and out of the case. The Monaco Aluminum Case comes in Silver and Black.

If you use your 750 as a one-handed device as if it were a Smartphone, you will be perfectly comfortable with the see-through window covering the screen. The keyboard is open for full access. All the action buttons on the front of the device above the keyboard are available too.

If you use your 750 as a Pocket PC and take advantage of the touch screen feature, you may be frustrated by the protective window covering the screen. Of course, you can open the door and tap away to your heart’s content. But it may be a bit awkward, especially if you are right-handed because the door on the right tends to get in the way. Off hand, I would say this setup is better for lefties.

However, I found that if you like to use both thumbs for inputting, you can simply put your forefinger and index finger through the keyboard opening of the open door and thumb away without any difficulties.

In addition to the opening for the keyboard, there are holes to accommodate access to all the other functions of your Treo 750. There is even an opening for the miniSD slot and reset button behind that pesky trap door that you need a crowbar to open.

It’s curious that there is still a hole in the upper left corner of the door for the indicator light on the 700 series, which is non-existent on the 750. So, we can conclude that the door was not re-engineered for the 750, which probably saved money and cut production costs. The height of the case is quite a bit taller than the actual unit so that it appears to be wearing its big brother’s suit. Perhaps it sticks up higher for protection in case you drop it?

This case comes with an optional belt clip. There is a post that you can screw into the back of the case that attaches to the belt clip and snap locks for security. The clip features a 360-degree swivel. It sticks out quite a distance, about an inch, from your belt. I would prefer something that hugs the belt a little closer, but that may not bother anyone else.

Unlike some other belt clip cases I’ve tested, this one is extremely easy to disconnect in a hurry. You can even remove the entire unit from the case quickly, if you wish. I also found it easy to open the door and pull it entirely out of the case for quick use.

If you remove the belt clip stud from the back of the case, you have a nice, smooth package that will fit in your pocket or bag. But you still have to be concerned about protecting the keypad from having something touch the keys and turning on the machine.

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