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Palm Launches Company Blog

Wed Apr 11, 2007 - 7:39 PM EDT - By Dieter Bohn


Palm is looking more and more nimble these days. They've managed to release no fewer than 5 new Treos last year. They've been adding new carriers at a heady pace. They've even announced (finally!) that they have been working on a Linux-Powered version of the PalmOS.

Now Palm has made another step into the modern world - they've started up a company blog at blog.palm.com. With any luck, it won't languish like so many blogs out there, but instead be a source of information about Palm that side-steps much of the marketing-speak that Palm has often been forced to use.

Insights into the company's operations from execs, product managers, and engineers would also be a welcome sight here. One hopes that it will help Palm communicate more clearly about certain issues, such as the long-needed ROM update for the 700p. Other things I'd like to see from a Palm blog: details about the Linux OS, the story behind the decision to go Linux, why they decided against Access Linux Platform, honest looks at the competition, open questions to the community, and Jeff Hawkin's favorite color (Hey, it's a blog).

Microsoft has a great example of what this blog could be in their Windows Mobile Team Blog. With any luck, Palm will be able to follow suit.

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