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Treo Software Update Roundup

Wed May 2, 2007 - 6:26 PM EDT - By Jennifer Chappell


Let's take a look at some of the Treo apps that have been updated lately. I'm sure many of you use these or might be interested in trying them out on your Treo.

First up is Skinner for the Treo 680. There has been some talk about some nice looking Dialpad skins for Skinner on the TreoCentral Forums.

With Skinner for Treo 680 you can change the look of your Treo's phone dialpad. Tired by the boring desing of the default dialpad? Just install Skinner, select a skin and you will experience a whole new side of the Treo's phone application. Many free skins in all varieties are available. Skinner includes a free copy of the Skinner Desktop application, allowing you to create your custom splashes and custom skins - for example with a background image of your choice.

Check out this skin created by forum member kerunt. Very nice! Kerunt says that the carbon background for the tabs was made by forum member Schtunks.

And have a look at this snazzy one for us girls that Schtunks created! And head over to his website too while you're at it. I do believe the website is in French but you can figure things out and there's no problem seeing the pics.

Skinner for the Treo 680 is available here for $14.99

Next up, LightWav 2 has been updated to version 2.2. LightWav is a powerful Caller ID blocking, MP3/OGG/WAV ringtone, SMS blocking, Call notes, send friendly sms for Missed Calls, Do Not Disturb, Volume Boosting and Profile Manager.

Changes in Version 2.2 are:

  • Fixed problem sending sms to mobile phone for missed calls and DND
  • Fixed the duration in the call log. Blocked and Missed calls no longer have duration printed
  • Fixed the LCD brightness in the Profile to change only when you answer or when the call is connected.
  • Fixed the call notes bug. lwav had assumed that you only have one phone # per filter
  • Added Pager support for Missed Calls. Goto the Missed Calls prefs
  • Added Option in the General prefs to check for Mobile number when sending DND or Missed Call SMS. If no mobile number is found for the Caller in the Contacts then Lwav will just send the SMS using the caller's number.
  • Added Forward number option for DND. When DND is active and you select Forward call Lwav will forward all calls to the number you have specified.
  • Added Outbound pictureID on the Treo 600/650/700p. If you have a custom JPG caller ID pic assigned for the caller then when you call this person LWAV will display a thumbnail version on the call screen
  • Added Set MP3 Position for SMS Ringtone
  • Added Set MP3 Position for Profile Known and Unknown ringtone
  • Added Set MP3 Position for Group ringtone
  • Added Brightness LCD control to the Profile. When you get a call and if the Profile is active Lightwav will change the LCD and then revert back to the original setting after you hangup
  • Added 3 new big custom fonts for callerID. goto the PictureID screen and select the new font. Only the phone number is used for the new font and is displayed on the bottom of the screen. It is assumed you are you North America because only the first 10 digits are shown. You need to install keyDateTime.prc in main memory.
  • Added disable ALT key on the Phone screen in the DND screen.
  • Added Live plugin to play Live! videos as incoming calling video id. You need to purchase Live from our site Toysoft.ca
  • Modified the trial mode. Lightwav will not expired but was delay the ringtone when the 10 days is over.
  • Modified. Lightw WILL NOT disable itself when it is expired. When expired lwav will delay the ringtone and prints nag msgs.
  • Modified. Moved the Announce call in CallerID blocking for Caller not In Contacts to Announce Calll prefs.
  • Modified. Callnotes is now a plugin. If you want to use callnotes feature then install CallNotesPlugin.prc in main memory. You can launch callnotes on the launcher when you get a call or thru a hotkey in lwav
  • Updated the GifAnim.prc
  • Updated the LivePlug.prc

    LightWav 2 is available here for $24.95.

    Another Treo app that has been recently updated is Resco Neeews!. Resco Neeews! has been updated to version 2.20.

    Resco Neeews! is an innovative and user-friendly news reader that helps you to find and regularly receive relevant information from various web sources. It goes as far as to provide one-tap access to the news customized to your preferences.

    New in Version 2.20:

  • Local Google News (over 30 countries/languages)
  • Blogdigger (With image and podcast search)
  • Save As for Images (Do you want to keep a nice image?)
  • Article search
  • Better feed search

    Resco Neeews! is available here for $19.95.

    Also recently updated is mRing by MotionApps. mRing has been updated to version 4.0.1

    With mRing you can assign different ring tones to your Contacts, Categories and System events beyond the limitations of Treo Favorites. Using mRing you can assign MIDI, MP3 and WAV ring tones to each individual contact or contact category in your address book.

    New features include:

  • Assign and display picture on incoming call
  • Ignore incoming call with SMS
  • Profiles scheduler (daily, weekly)
  • Selected MP3 ringtones included with mRing
  • Use sidebutton to switch between profiles
  • Filter incoming calls and define blacklist
  • Free bonus - SD card reader software included

    mRing is available here for $29.99.

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