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Smartphone Experts UltraSlim Executive PocketPouch for Treo (all models)

Wed Jul 11, 2007 - 9:46 AM EDT - By Jay Gross


Smartphone Experts’ Executive PocketPouch case revisits and revises the company’s Ultraslim Pocket Pouch Case, which I’ve previously reviewed. This new and improved version is touted as lighter, thinner, and of course better. Is it? Well, yes. Mildly so.

What makes it better isn’t the revised, tightened-up design, but the fact that Palm has now begun selling slimmed-down Treos, the 680 and the 755p, the former of which comes in a palette of colors that cries out to be echoed in cases. The 680 also cries out for a battery with more oomph, unfortunately entailing a distending back cover that won’t fit in many cases. Ding! Smartphone Experts to the rescue.

I liked the Ultraslim, and I like the company’s new executive version, but I confess that’s partly because the new version comes in colors to match my new Treo 680 and accommodates the 680 with the Seidio 2400 mAh extended battery’s punched-out battery door. Indeed, the case is a bit too loose for the 680 (or the other thinned-down Treo models) by itself, without the extra hump battery.

Designed to protect your treasure from harm while stashed in a pocket or purse, the Executive PocketPouch is simply that – a pouch. It’s open on top, so all you do is drop the Treo into it and you’re off. There’s no belt clip, so the case does not suffer from the bulk or bulge that clips cause, some worse than others.

Now back to the colors. Crimson! Okay, nuff said on that point - you know what I mean. People who opt for graphite, copper, or arctic 680’s can get a PocketPouch to match or at least coordinate. Brilliant.

The Executive PocketPouch – did I mention mine is crimson? – is lined in reasonably soft felt that’s the same color as the outside leather. It has a reinforcing band of leather neatly stitched to the edges, and fine stitches around the outside. Nice.

Throughout, the materials appear to be of high quality, and the workmanship is excellent. The outside of the case is made of sheepskin leather with a smooth finish. The manufacturer says the whole thing is built onto an ultra thin polycarbonate (a durable plastic) shell precision molded to the shape of a Treo. You can’t see the shell, but it feels like something’s there to strengthen the leather and felt covering. I can’t praise the precision of the molding, because the thing’s a little roomy inside, even with my Treo 700p in it.

The stitching at the edges causes a slightly turned in lip around the case’s mouth, discouraging the Treo from taking an unannounced flight. You can shake it out by inverting the case. Better do that over a pillow.


The Executive PocketPouch doesn’t leave any of the Treo’s controls available for use, especially on the 680, on which the SD card slot isn’t on top. You can change from ring to vibrate and little else while the 680 is in the case. The phone does remain quickly accessible, however, and if you store the case in a shirt pocket, you can (with some practice) simply pop the Treo into it when you’re done with the phone. Or when you’re done playing Bejeweled, as the case may be.

A cousin of this pouch with a leather belt clip is sold as the Smartphone Experts UltraSlim Holster for Treo 755p, 750, 700p, 700w|wx, 680, 650, 600, also $29.95. Alas, that one doesn’t come in colors. I prefer the non-clip one, and not just because of the color.


While in the clutches of the Executive PocketPouch, your Treo stays very well protected from jangling keys, rattling coins, and other hazards in your pocket or purse. Smaller objects that might insinuate themselves between the Treo and the sides of the case, however, could cause a problem. I haven’t seen that happen, although my pockets are usually well supplied with things that make the Gremlins grin.

In a drop – and I hasten to caution against dropping at all – the pouch affords fairly decent protection, but there’s really not enough padding to absorb much energy. So don’t drop, okay? I didn’t.

Rainwater isn’t welcome in a Treo, and the Executive PocketPouch won’t do much to keep it out if you leave it right side up. Flip it around and you should be good for a considerable interval of precipitation while you search out an umbrella, an awning, a boutique, a car, whatever. Forget dunking altogether. That means dunking Treos, not donuts, and in water, not coffee - but do your own thing if you must.

The pouch comes with a neat, clear vinyl bag, not to say “pouch,” with a pale green drawstring. If you’re extra worried about dust, dirt, or downpours, the pouch, which has a thoughtful space for a business card, might come in handy.

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