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Motorola Bluetooth H670 Headset

Thu Jul 12, 2007 - 10:25 AM EDT - By Douglas Morse


The Motorola Universal Bluetooth Headset H670 is wholly unremarkable. The packaging doesn’t have many features to tout except a ‘secure and comfortable fit’ three ear hooks included. It’s easy to pair and has ‘outstanding audio’ and ‘lightweight’ – in other words pretty much what any Bluetooth headset should advertise. It does have a Power on/off switch that is actually different than other headsets I’ve tested.


The glossy blue face (Matching the Razor I’m told) and flat industrial gray backside do nothing to win this earpiece design awards, though certainly nothing to distract either. The earhook has soft rubber reinforcement on the outside with a stiffer plastic. There are three different sized earhooks included and this can be set for left or right ear use with ease. The speaker rests gently in the ear, a nice compromise between an earbud and something that rests further off.

There are volume up and down buttons on each side of the earpiece up towards the ear. On the top is a spot for the mini-USB charger (the ac adapter is lightweight). The most noticeable difference between this and other headsets is the multifunction button. In some respects, it works just like any other you’ve used. Tap once to answer or end a call. You can redial by holding the button or use it to dial by voice. Of course this button can get a heavy workout to pick up a second call.

One thing this multifunction button does NOT do is turn the unit on and off. The entire switch itself slides up and down. There are times when you simply don’t want to bother with the earpiece, change wireless headphones, or don’t want to risk accidental calls. So the slider switch is a much easier way to keep track of whether or not the H670 is on or off than waiting for a blinking blue light that may never come.

I should mention that below the slider switch is the indicator button. It also has far too many functions telling whether the unit is powering up, pairing, in standby, connected or has a low battery. Fortunately, you can disable the indicator light and the aforementioned power on/off switch is then quite a boon. The headset also allows you to swap the volume button orientation as well.


A basic headset these days, like the H670, has many features hidden away. The ability to switch volume buttons, turn off the idiotic blinking light, and even swapping earpieces is good stuff. The sound is exactly what you’d hope for in a meat and potatoes headset. Solid. It’s entirely unremarkable in a good way. This is the sort of earpiece you can use day in and day out, and not really think about it. The range is good and I didn’t notice any unusual artifacts, buzzing, or problems, nor did callers report any. Motorola generally makes excellent products and this headset, though not snazzy, delivers solid performance. I should mention that like many of the headsets I’m now testing, this is Bluetooth 2.0 which will help ‘future proof’ it. The device is rated for 8 hours of talk time.

If I have a minor issue, it’s with the slider switch, though not in the way you’d expect. I really do appreciate the simple slide up and down to turn the unit on and off. The thing is, in the on position, it rattles just slightly. This only happens when you wiggle your head (not a likely occurrence). It’s just when I first noticed it, I tried it a few times to see if I could recreate the phenomenon. I could, but under nearly all circumstances, it doesn’t happen. But once you know the little rattle is there, you look for it, or try to recreate it. Perhaps I’ve just got a touch of OCD, but who knows.


You can’t go wrong with the H670. The sound quality is excellent, the design comfortable, and it’s easy to use. The dedicated on/off switch is a nice, though not essential, touch. If you hate the blinking LEDs (I do) and plan to turn them off, then the slider switch is actually an excellent addition. I think it’s a bit over priced, but perhaps that will drop soon, and it might be worth it if you have a Bluetooth 2.0 device or hope to get one soon. The minor rattling of the on/off switch was annoying, but unlikely to affect you in real world use. Just say this isn’t a headset for active use; just for normal around home, office or strolling.

3D view photo via Motorola website

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Design 4
Features 4
Sound Quality 4
Cost/Benefit 3
(not an average)
  • Rock Solid sound
  • Comfortable
  • On off slider switch
  • Bluetooth 2.0
  • Cons
  • Bit Pricy
  • Slight rattle on off switch

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