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Palm Releases Verizon Treo 700w/wx Updater 1.22

Thu Jul 12, 2007 - 7:03 PM EDT - By Jennifer Chappell


Palm released an update for the Verizon Treo 700w/wx today on their support site. This is still Windows Mobile 5 so keep that in mind.

Thanks to frankd1 from the TreoCentral forums for bringing the update to our attention. A couple of forum members have already updated their Treos and things went well for them.

Palm's support site says that the Treo 700w/wx Updater v1.22 installs the latest software on your smartphone. It is designed to update your device while preserving your data. In some instances, user set preferences may not be retained after updating.

On the Treo 700w, this update features:

  • High-speed dial up networking (DUN) – use your Treo smartphone as a wireless modem for fast web access virtually anywhere. Within wireless service coverage area only. Additional service charges may apply. Connection via USB sync cable (included in box) or Bluetooth® wireless technology.
  • Supports USB and Bluetooth connections. Advanced audio support (A2DP) – listen to the clear sounds of high-definition audio with new support for Bluetooth stereo headsets.
  • Today Screen enhancements – one-touch access to the Speakerphone and Mute control buttons gives you more freedom than ever.
  • Hands-free enhancements – Drive safely and work more efficiently. Get support for even more Bluetooth carkits and the Palm wired carkit.
  • Abbreviated dialing preferences – save time with the international dialing prefix and abbreviated dialing for campus environments.

On the 700wx, this update features:

  • Update Registry settings for Bluetooth stereo headsets (A2DP) and Bluetooth Dial-Up Networking (DUN) support.
  • DUN performance improvements.
  • Additional Daylight Savings Time features.

The biggest deal is the addition of A2DP, though that couldn't have been that hard since people have been hacking it onto the 700wx for awhile now. TreoCentral forum member hannip posted a download for Sprint 700w/wx users back in February and made lots of Treo owners very happy.

Forum member dimitris, who helped hannip, said:

You know that this is still unbelieveable for those of us that have been trying to find this answer since the Treo 700w came out. All I can say is Palm needs a few pointers from a few community members.

If anyone is wondering why having A2DP is such a big deal, and someone on the forum asked that question, here is hannip's answer:

No cords gives you more options. You can have your treo in your pocket and listen to music while walking, jogging, whatever. Also it's nice to be able to play your treo through an a2dp enabled car stereo. Music, Movies, Slingplayer audio all wirelessly over your car stereo.

The High-speed dial up networking (DUN) is also a big deal. I'm sure Treo users are happy to see this issue finally addressed by Palm.

As Dieter has been reporting, the Treo 700p Rom update saga seems to go on and on. First there was an update, and then it was pulled by Palm due to reports of reset loops and well,... many Treo 700p owners reported having their Treos "bricked" by the patch. Not good!

And today, not only was the Verizon Treo 700w/wx Updater v1.22 posted at Palm's site, but so was the Verizon Treo 700p Update v1.10. I'm sure that many Treo owners who were still upset about not getting their much deserved updates weren't too thrilled that Palm released the Treo 755p and also put out an update for the AT&T Treo 680 before their long awaited updates ever surfaced.

To see if you need this update, first press Start, then selict Settings. Next select the System tab and then open About. Go to the Phone tab and look at the Software Version.

Click "Yes" if you see any of the following listed:

  • TREO700W-1.02-VZW:
  • TREO700W-1.10-VZW:
  • TREO700WX-1.20-VZW:

And then you should install this update. Palm has some tips on installing the update such as "System Requirements" and what "to Do" and "Not to Do", so be sure to read those before you begin.

You can get the update here.

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