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Thu Aug 23, 2007 - 10:57 AM EDT - By Douglas Morse


Oftentimes, when I have a choice, I pick items to review that I need. Too cheap to buy a screen protector, I limped along for months on the one that is included in the Treo box. However, the opportunity arose to take a gander at BodyGuardz Protective Skin which not only includes a couple of screen protectors, but a full suit of transparent armor for your beloved Treo.


I can’t believe it was seven years ago that I reviewed the GoStyle Wooden Laminate for the Visor. If you’re interested to see how far we have or haven’t come, take a look at GoStyle. It’s interesting to note that the GoStyle site is still up at gostyle.com though they seem to have long since gone out of the design business.

Now the folks at BodyGuardz have come up with a different idea: an invisible set of ‘armor’ for your Treo. The claim to fame is that this is the same material to protect the front of cars from scratches and debris. The armor itself comes in several pieces specifically cut for your Treo. You’ll need to apply six pieces precisely to your Treo including a little one for the SD card cover.

In the Package:

  • 2 Complete PalmOne Treo 750 / 755 BodyGuardz Protectors
  • BodyGuardz Application Solution
  • Squeegee Card
  • Application Instructions
  • 3 ScreenGuardz

Application is a bit tricky, if not downright odd. You get a spray bottle with a bit of soapy water inside. You gently peel back a section of the BodyGuardz material, say for the side, spray it down, then carefully align and apply it to the device.

I’m not exactly what you'd call a craft oriented person (like my Aunt Alice for example) so this was a bit of a chore for me. Even the little bit that goes over the SD door proved challenging and admittedly I never got it quite right. There are instructional “how to” videos at www.bodyguardz.com (though not one specifically for the Treo –yet).

I should mention that the BodyGuardz package includes two sets of film. The film itself is ‘optically clear’ There are also three screen protectors in the pack and a squeegee card (which I seem to have already misplaced).


The BodyGuardz do exactly what they are supposed to do; protect your device from nicks and scratches. You can also use them with pretty much any case (except a skin case) and your device will still slide into a cradle. They also add a slightly grippy feel to the Treo.


  • Transparent - Show off your device with the assurance that it is being protected.
  • Rugged enough to withstand abrasive elements that could scratch your device.
  • The BodyGuardz protective film is the toughest film on the market today, and requires no special care or maintenance.

Personally, the BodyGuardz are not for me. I don’t like their sheen, the odd application (mine just never looked quite right) or their practicality. I prefer a simple case, or even a skin case rather than this solution. However, to be fair, I think the BodyGuardz are an excellent value for those looking for a product like this. The BodyGuardz do exactly what they advertise, and three screen protectors would normally set you back around $15 bucks. For ten dollars more you get two BodyGuardz.


Although the BodyGuardz aren’t for me, they might well be for you. They protect the device from basic nicks and scratches, add a gripping surface, and are reasonably priced. I was happy though to remove them to try out the Seidio skin case. They pull a little color from the device.

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Setup 3
Design 4
Functionality 3
Price/Performance 4
(not an average)
  • Protects against scratches
  • Good Value
  • Cons
  • Annoying to apply

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