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Palm Announces Compatibility with Microsoft System Center Mobile Device Manager 2008 Coming for Treo 750

Tue Oct 23, 2007 - 7:57 AM EDT - By Jennifer Chappell


Update: As expected, Palm today announced that it will make the Palm(R) Treo(TM) 750 smartphone compatible with Microsoft System Center Mobile Device Manager 2008, delivering increased security and easier phone management, as well as access to information on the corporate network. IT professionals will be able to confidently manage large Treo 750 deployments with features such as policy enforcement, inventory and reporting, and software targeting.

The Palm Treo 750 smartphone will support Mobile Device Manager through an update starting in the second half of calendar 2008.

What?! Still no WM 6 update for the AT&T Treo 750! Looks like we'll be waiting until the second half of calendar 2008 now.

Dieter has been busy at CTIA today and had this to say over at WMExperts:

Well look at this: the AT&T booth has a flyer for the Treo 750 that claims that HSDPA and Windows Mobile 6 will be available in 2007. Prying about doesn't really yield anything substantial except some winks, nods, and hints that it's coming very soon. Go ahead, get your hopes up, it won't hurt again. We promise.

I was just reading over at Computerworld that Microsoft Corp. CEO Steve Ballmer is supposed to announce today a new server to provide wireless access, management and security to windows Mobile wireless devices, while several smartphone makers will announce support for those new tools.

The server, which is called System Center Mobile Device Manager, will enable over-the-air application deployments and provide security through a mobile Virtual Private Network and file encryption on wireless phones and other Windows Mobile devices. Ballmer will be announcing the software in his keynote address today at the CTIA Wireless IT and Entertainment 2007 conference. I've also heard that there are hints of a new version of Windows Mobile for release early next year.

Palm is one of the device makers supporting the new software for the new server. The article says that Palm plans to announce today that the Treo 750 with Windows Mobile 6.0 will be Palm's first compatible device.

Engadget is also reporting on the System Center Mobile Device Manager as is CNET News. In Ina Fried's article, she says:

"Palm, for example, says the Treo 750 will get the upgrade on AT&T's network, but won't say whether other phones will get the upgrade nor whether more than one network will allow the upgrade."

TreoCentral's Dieter Bohn is at CTIA Wireless and I'm sure that if Palm really does announce Windows Mobile 6.0 on the Treo 750, he'll be reporting on the news. Stay tuned.

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