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KeyContacts offers Treo integration

Thu Aug 22, 2002 - 5:21 PM EDT - By Marcus Adolfsson

Chapura today announced the release of KeyContacts 1.1 software, which among other new features has been updated for more integration with the Treo. KeyContacts lets users of Microsoft Outlook carry more of their detailed Contact information on their Palm OS handheld - 40 additional Contacts fields, over 250 categories, multiple categories per contact, and an unlimited number of subfolders and public folders.

New in KeyContacts 1.1

A new convenience is the ability to view all populated contact information fields from the “View” screen, without entering “Edit” mode. This decreases the number of taps required to see detailed information, such as any one of 19 phone numbers, three e-mail addresses or three street addresses.

In addition, phone numbers and e-mail addresses in KeyContacts are now searchable from other applications, such as Date Book, To Do List, Memo Pad and Mail. This means that while creating or editing a calendar event, task, or note in another software application on their Palm OS handheld, KeyContacts customers may easily add a contact’s name and phone number to the item by using the Phone Lookup menu option, which searches KeyContacts instead of the Palm Address Book. In the same way, Mail’s Lookup feature searches KeyContacts for e-mail addresses and automatically fills the “To” field with the customer’s choice(s), saving valuable time and avoiding typos.

Another notable enhancement, designed for owners of wireless enabled handheld devices, such as the Handspring Treo, Kyocera QCP6035 and Samsung SPH-I300, is the ability to dial a phone number from inside KeyContacts. When enabled, tapping on any phone number stored in KeyContacts immediately launches the dialer to initiate a call with an important contact.

Other improvements to the product make KeyContacts even easier to use and a more complete solution for synchronizing important Outlook Contacts fields, categories and folders with any Palm OS handheld.

“The market for merged handheld organizer/mobile phone devices is growing and is important to Chapura,” said Keith Ellenberg, chief operating officer for Chapura. “Responding to this trend, Chapura offers software that conveniently works with these devices as well as popular software applications.”

Pricing and Availability

KeyContacts is available for $24.95 on the Chapura Web site, www.chapura.com. Current KeyContacts customers may download a free update to Version 1.1 from the Chapura Web site, www.chapura.com. A free, 21-day trial version is available for download on all of these Web sites.

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