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The Smartphone Round Robin!

Tue Oct 30, 2007 - 10:08 AM EDT - By Jennifer Chappell


Yep, we're having a big contest called the Smartphone Round Robin among all the Smartphone Experts community sites. Each week during the month of November, the community editors from all the sister sites, TreoCentral, CrackBerry.com, WMExperts, and Phone Different will be switching, well, trading smartphones and will learn what it's like to use another device. I've piddled with Windows Mobile a little here and there but haven't hardly touched the surface on a BlackBerry device. Will I love it or hate it? Could I become a CrackBerry addict? This should be fun and very interesting.

You all will get to be involved in this too. Each week we'll be posting questions in the different forums asking for your help with problems that we might have with our smartphone. Goodness knows that I'll be needing help! ;-) Each time you participate in a Smartphone Round Robin official contest thread, you'll be entered into the contest to win some cool prizes. The grand prize is the smartphone of your choice (that is of course currently available in the US and Canada) and some money to spend on accessories. And three runners up will receive coupons for smartphone accessories.

Check each day for updates on how all the editors are doing with the smartphones here at the Smartphone Round Robin Update page. I'll be posting an article later today talking about how I've done with the iPhone so far. Dieter has the Treo 680 this week, Mike has the BlackBerry Curve, and Kevin has the AT&T Tilt. We'll be posting in each other's forums to ask questions about the particular smartphone we're using at the time. There are plenty of experts in all the forums so we should have no problem getting answers.

Find out all about the contest and rules here at the Smartphone Round Robin site. And you can read the official press release here.

And of course you'll need to start posting in an official Smartphone Round Robin contest thread, and here is TreoCentral's Round Robin thread.

Let's get started!

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