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Treo Software Roundup - v110507

Mon Nov 5, 2007 - 6:13 PM EST - By Jennifer Chappell

WM Software


MxCalc Calculator Suite

3GR Technologies has just released MxCalc Calculator Suite which is a suite of 4 best calculator for your PocketPC - MxCalc 12c, 15c, 10B II & SE. Mega pack of Scientific, Financial, Engineering calculators & more than 100 functions in each of them. Have we missed any calculator?

MxCalc SE - The decisive calculator performing all complex calculations & featuring the most comprehensive converter available for Windows Mobile Pocket PC. Free Desktop version!

MxCalc Calculator Suite is available here for $49.99.

NewsCopier Pro (Pocket PC edition)

MaximumSoft Corp. has released a new app called NewsCopier Pro which is a powerful RSS newsreader that puts the latest headlines, weather, sports, business, and entertainment news right in your hands. It keeps you up-to-date on blogs, bargains, stocks and other news.

You have instant access to the news you are interested in. The program can use your wireless connection, or update headlines when your Device is connected to the Internet. NewsCopier can either automatically refresh its information on a regular basis, or let you do the refresh manually.

The program works with variety of different feeds formats: RSS 1.0 (including RSS 0.9, 0.91, 0.92), RSS 2.0 and Atom.


  • Instant access to the news.
  • Automatically refreshes news feeds.
  • Supports different feeds formats.
  • If the program finds that a feed includes Podcasts, it will inform user about his by showing special image. User can choose either to download all Podcasts automatically, or do it one by one. Podcasts can be played directly from NewsCopier Pro.
  • NewsCopier Pro can download not just RSS feeds, but also whole stories referenced in the feeds, so you can read them at any time offline, now Internet connection will be required.
  • The program can downloads password protected feeds, such as GMail.
  • You can instruct the program to pre-download and show headline Embedded images

NewsCopier Pro is available here for $14.95.

Slotcar Racer (WM05)

Slotcar Racer is a new game by Madbeetle Limited.

Slot car racing is a fast, neck-and-neck racing game. Keep you car in its slot while you race around the track as fast as you can, by applying just the right amount of acceleration.


  • Great Gameplay: go too fast around the corners and you spin off the track. The key to speed is in the slide, you need to get your car to slide just enough for maximum speed, but not too much or it'll come out its slot.
  • Cool Collisions: cars can slide around corners and knock each other off! ... once you spin out of your slot and slide across the track you might just knock your opponent off the track too!
  • Dynamic AI: your opponent will give you a real neck and neck race experience. If the computer is winning it will ease off and drive less aggressively, but if it is behind it will try extra hard to catch up. This means that that once you get the hang of it, the cars will race side by side all the way to the finish!
  • Two Game Modes: the game includes race mode, where you have to race against the computer in 60 levels of ever increasing difficulty (faster and faster), and free race mode, where you can build and race on your own tracks.
  • Varied Tracks: there are 10 tracks for the game mode which you can't change and 10 tracks for free race mode, which using the built in track editor you can change to create your own tracks.

Slotcar Racer is available here for $4.95.

Star Expense Manager Free Desktop Companion

Star Expense Manager Free Desktop Companion is a new app by Sparkle Solutions, Inc..

Star Expense Manager is a Comprehensive Expense Management Software for Pocket PC and Desktop PC. Star Expense Manager stores all the required details about your home, business, personal and other expenses under various profiles. Expenses of a particular profile can be tracked with respect to month, date and cagetory.

All the data in "Star Expense Manager" can be moved to your Desktop and can be copied back to your PDA by "Backup & Restore" option. This helps you to restore all your details after you hard reset your Pocket PC. 128-bit Encrypted Password Protection. Details in every profile can be transferred to five formats, i.e., HTML, Text, CSV, PDF and Excel Formats. Details in every profile can also be generated into a report to take print-outs. Indomitable Color Setting Option. Most pleasant and attractive icons. Extensive tools for adding Categories and Payment method. A Complete Expense Management Utility for every Pocket PC and Desktop PC User.


  • Professionally and Newly designed user-interface that speeds up Data Entry and Easy Viewing.
  • Every data is stored in a sorted format.
  • Expense details can be tracked with respect to month, date and category.
  • Expense details can be sorted with respect to date, title and amount.
  • Total Expenses are provided for various tracking methods.
  • 128-bit Encrypted Master Password to ensure security.
  • Report generation option to take print-outs.
  • 5 forms of Export options (HTML, Text, CSV, PDF, Excel) with Desktop Backup.
  • Most Pleasing Color Settings option is provided to improve the Presentation.
  • Any number of expense details can be added for a particular profile.
  • Novel way of browsing the options using a Pop-up Menu.
  • Adds Safety to your details.
  • No one can view the details except you.

Star Expense Manager Free Desktop Companion is available here for $12.99.

Resco Defender

Resco Defender is a new game by Resco.

Resco Defender is a real time strategy game where the objective is to protect the ramparts against invaders by building defend towers and creating mazes in which enemies find their death.


  • Isometric graphics
  • 100 game levels
  • Four difficulties (Easy, Medium, Hard and Endless)
  • Many kinds of enemies
  • 10 types of defending towers

You can get Resco Defender here for $14.95.

All Mobile Logic - Sudoku, Hashi and Hitori

All Mobile Logic - Sudoku, Hashi and Hitori is new by Binaryfish.

Play three different games in one package: Sudoku, Hitori and Hashi. Each game includes all the features you expect to quickly solve a puzzle.

Sudoku - The objective is to fill a partially filled 9x9 grid so that each column, each row, and each of the nine 3x3 boxes contains the digits from 1 to 9.

Hitori - Each cell contains a number. The goal is to paint out some cells so that there are no duplicate numbers in any row or column.

Hashi - Also known as Hashiwokakero, Bridges, or Chopsticks. The goal is to connect all of the islands into a single connected group by drawing a series of bridges between the islands.

All Mobile Logic includes over 10,000 puzzles, each one carefully selected and sorted into 4 different skill levels. All puzzles have one unique solution only and are human solvable, no brute force required.

You can even enter your own puzzles with the built-in editor. Stuck on a puzzle? No problem, just enter the puzzle and All Mobile Logic will show the different solving techniques required to solve it using the built-in puzzle solver.

All Mobile Logic - Sudoku, Hashi and Hitori is available here for $17.95.


Aces Blackjack

Aces Blackjack by Concrete Software Inc. has been updated to version 1.0.5.

Aces Blackjack™ is a classic blackjack game with a few twists. Play classic style blackjack and use the included reference card to improve your game or kick it up a notch and play one of the two high score games - Aces Time Crunch and Aces Hand Challenge!


  • Play up to 10 decks at a time.
  • Aces Time Crunch: High score race against the clock!
  • Aces Hand Challenge: Every play counts against a set number of hands.
  • Cut card indicating how much of deck has been dealt.
  • Game and career statistics.
  • 4 game speeds.
  • Set the table limits.
  • Split up to 3 hands.
  • Dealer Insurance option.
  • Automatic save.

You can get Aces Blackjack here for $14.99.

Translator : Online Multi-Translation Tool for Pocket PC

SHAPE Services has recently updated Translator : Online Multi-Translation Tool for Pocket PC to v2.0.

Translator is powerful online multi-translation tool that allows users to translate words and even phrases on 12 languages and supports about 30 direction of translation.

Translator supports: English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Chinese Simplfied and Chinese Traditional languages and about 30 directions of translation.

Translator by itself does not have any word base, instead it gives you access to a huge multilingual dictionary based on server! The volume of the dictionary exceeds any database, which may contain any mobile devices. In that way application does not confine user's abilities and allows to translate even uncommon words and phrases!

Please note that Translator does require you to have a live Internet connection while the program is working as translations are run on-line. Program saves last translations in the PDA memory.

The application has 7 days of full function trial.

You can get Translator : Online Multi-Translation Tool for Pocket PC here for $9.95.

3D Constructo Combat

3D Constructo Combat by Concrete Software, Inc. has been recently updated to version 1.3.1.

Go constructo crazy! Build buildings on a variety of 3D landscapes and prevent opponents from doing the same. Use your grapple to grab building parts and weapons. The green arrow highlight makes it easy to build or fire your weapons at any enemy target! Shoot down your opponent and build the most buildings to get the highest score before time runs out to win!

Take on computer opponents and work your way through increasingly difficult levels to see if you can beat the high score. See who can build the most buildings while taking down your opponent's in a race against time in one of the 3D worlds.

3D Constructo Combat is available here for $19.99.

3D Lawn Darts

3D Lawn Darts, also by Concrete Software, has been updated to version 1.0.4.

3D Lawn Darts brings the classic game of lawn darts to your Pocket PC! Toss your darts in the backyard or really challenge yourself and play on the moon!

The fun and challenging 3D characters will have you playing over and over again. Your friends will love the easy to use multiplayer, pass the game back and forth or using Bluetooth so you can each use your Pocket PC.

Want to really get into the game? Try the all new camera motion sensing technology! If your device has a camera, you simulate a real throw with your device (don't let go!!!), swinging forward like you are throwing a real dart!

You can get 3D Lawn Darts here for $19.99.

Pocket Mechanic Professional

Anton Tomov Software has recently updated Pocket Mechanic Professional to version 2.73.

Optimize your device and storage for peak performance, clean up system junk and free up precious memory occupied by unwanted files and OS objects, maintain the system integrity and prevent possible problems, ensure your privacy and protect your investments in storage cards and mobile device hardware by using a simple and descriptive user interface yet offering robust arsenal of powerful Pocket PC maintenance tools this is what Pocket Mechanic Professional does well.

Pocket Mechanic Professional is able to completely bypass the file system drivers of Windows CE and access the files directly through our own FATFS layer the heart of many vital modules dealing directly with the file system. The aggressive and efficient FAT and cluster caches further increase the performance of that layer resulting in an average speed up of nearly 300% in all file operations compared to the performance of the OS itself. Our defragment code is the faster than any other similar utility for the Windows CE platform. The integrated logging facilities provide ultra detailed information on what the application is doing and allow us to trace issues and improve the software virtually in hours. Developed in our labs the GFx module takes care of the rich user interface and ensures compatibility with both low-resolution and high-resolution screens, VGA, QVGA or square resolution devices and guarantees the "eye-candy" style our products are well known with. But to us look and feel is no more important than stability, quality and usability. Our engineers focused on creating a framework of tools so huge and complex it took us nearly 12 months of careful studies of the internals of the Windows CE operating system and hundreds of thousands of lines of C code to bring you this innovative product but we hope you, the end user, will not be disappointed.

Version v2.73 of Pocket Mechanic Professional is a minor update containing a few optimization fixes and a fix for a GDI leak in the progress controls in the application. GDI leak in the progress controls was Fixed.

Pocket Mechanic Professional is available here for $29.95.

We'll be back next soon with more Palm OS and WM Treo software news.

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