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CrackBerry Kevin's First Thoughts on the Treo 680

Sun Nov 11, 2007 - 12:08 AM EST - By Jennifer Chappell


Here we are in week two of the Smartphone Round Robin already. Kevin over at CrackBerry.com has posted his initial thoughts on the Treo 680. Kevin had a bit of a rough start because he couldn't get the 680 to work with his Rogers SIM card, and had to get another 680.

Thankfully, Kevin is now working with a Treo 680 that likes his Rogers SIM card. Kevin has really just begun to work with the 680, but he's already found a few things that he likes about it such as some aspects of the touchscreen. He's also found some things that he's not too crazy about, one being the email on the Treo 680.

Kevin was confused about the Treo 680 having two home screens which is very understandable. I can remember the first time I used a Treo, the Treo 650, and I was very confused by the two separate screens. The first things I noticed about my Treo 750 when I bought it a few months ago was that there was only one home screen.

I hope that Kevin enjoys using the Treo 680 and likes the Palm ease of use. According to part of his article, he did see some of that ease of use early on:

Like any new phone, the Palm OS requires some time to get to know it. In the little time I spent using the phone, it mainly made sense. Hitting the Home Key on the phone causes the home screen to cycle through displaying different shortcuts (Main, Multimedia, System, Utilities, All), which is a nice way to segregate and display all of the phones features and functions. I wish the BlackBerry OS featured something like this vs. just dumping every shortcut into Applications..

Head on over to CrackBerry.com and read Kevin's Palm Treo 680 First Impressions article. I look forward to reading Kevin's final thoughts after he's put the 680 through its paces.

Discuss Kevin's initial thoughts on the Treo 680 for more chances to be entered into the Round Robin Contest.

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