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MunduIM - like a tiny Trillian and then some..

Mon Nov 26, 2007 - 9:57 AM EST - By Harv Laser


All in all, Mundu is a fantastic app at a bargain basement price that, if you’re an IM junkie, you won’t be able to live without. It's VERY similar to the defunct VeriChat in many ways, and even better in others, especially since it costs lunch money and there's no yearly fee.

Mundu's GUI is beautiful and logical, with easily fingerable buttons and tabs. You can run it as a “foreground only” app, in which case it is only using your data connection when you have it open, or as a background app which keeps its connection live until you tell it to stop.

Mundu's immense versatility and configurability add a ton of value to its meager price tag, though its (current) inability to run on the 755p is a bummer. In the end, Mundu offers a LOT of value for very little money, and before paying for it, you can run it in trial mode to “test the waters” for a whopping five days at no cost or obligation, so it’s definitely worth a shot.

Geodesic, please get it working on the 755p (since I just got one).. meanwhile, I'm lovin' it on my 700p.

Note: after turning in this review, I received the following from MunduIM's support team.. there's a "special" version of the program which WILL run correctly on both the 755p and the Centro, and i now have it installed on my 755p and it works fine.. exactly as the "public" version works on my 700p.. here is what they had to say about it - Harv..

Dear Mr. Harv Laser,
Thank you for your review!
The initial feedback from our 755p customers was mixed and we were compelled to put up a Caution note on our website to avoid any inconveniences for the customer.
Treo 755p is not available in India and we had to depend on helpful customer inputs. Subsequently, our developers have hopefully ironed out all the issues. We shall put up this version on our website shortly.
You can add it to your review that users can send us a mail for the supported version until we update our website with the necessary changes.
Thanks & Regards, Anitha mundu IM Team.

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GUI Aesthetics 5
Usability 5
Functionality 4
Value 5
(not an average)
  • Works with AIM, ICQ, MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, Jabber and GTalk Services.
  • Pretty and clean user interface.
  • Flat cost: No annual usage fees, dues or vigs.
  • Allows multi-person group chats.
  • File transfer that is compatible with any client or IM service.
  • Optionally runs in background mode.
  • Uses server-based contacts lists.
  • Saves chat logs
  • Many custom settings in nicely organized preference panes.
  • Five day un-crippled trial
  • Bargain price for this much power and flexibility
  • Cons
  • Cannot live on SD card.
  • Does not (yet) work on the Treo 755p.

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