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Treo 755p Teaser Page at Verizon

Tue Nov 27, 2007 - 1:55 PM EST - By Jennifer Chappell


Last month Alltel started carrying the Treo 755p in a charcoal color. Also, we heard rumors last month that Verizon would have the Palm Treo 755p, and then a little later, Verizon officially announced they'd be getting the 755p in November.

Verizon has posted a teaser page on their site now saying that the Treo 755p will be coming soon. From the pictures, the Verizon 755p looks to be teal green color. Now that's different! I always enjoy seeing color variations in Palm's smartphones.

The teaser page doesn't say when Verizon will start carrying the 755p. You can sign up for updates though. The Treo 755p threads over at the TreoCentral forums have posts from members duscussing the rumored release dates.

Forum member PalmTreo650User stated:

I spoke with a Verizon representative last night. He stated that he has been told that the 755 will not be released in '07. Verizon's technical department is not satisfied with it's stability and there are operating problems that still need to be resolved. (I have no idea what the problems are. Most comments from users on this site have been positive.)
Verizon wants to avoid a repeat of the 700P issues that they are stuck having to fix and will be very conservative with a 755 release. They don't make money fixing phones or getting calls from users with problems.
I hope that this Verizon source is wrong and it will be available by Christmas. I desperately want to dump my current 700P with allof its problems. I can't switch from Verizon due to a favorable family plan contract. Also, it's been my experience that Verizon's customer service is the best in the business.

Forum member hkklife said:

Supposedly next Wed, Nov 21st is THE date. This is based on two reports I've read from people talking to their local VZW store managers.
One report came from PIC and the other was either here or on HowardForums.
Personally, I still don't expect to ever see the 755p on Verizon. And if it DOES appear it'll be for a limited time, in limited quantities, and for an exhorbitant price.

And forum member Tdc stated:

I just spoke to a Verizon sales support rep who said he "thought" 755p would be released on 11/28 no pricing info or definite date.

Well, that's tomorrow so I guess we'll just have to wait and see what happens. ;-)

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