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Treo Software Roundup- v120307

Mon Dec 3, 2007 - 3:34 PM EST - By Jennifer Chappell

WM Software


Astraware Casino

Astraware would like you to invite you to try your luck with Astraware Casino - a collection of the most popular casino games all in one pack. Enjoy all the fun of a real casino on your Palm OS(R) or Windows Mobile(R) smartphone or PDA without losing your shirt!

Astraware Casino features 8 of the most popular games found in casinos around the world including Texas Hold 'Em Limit Poker, Roulette, Slots, and Blackjack. You'll also get $1000 in your virtual wallet so you can start playing right away.

Astraware Casino includes instructions on how to play each of the games, designed with casual players in mind, so each of the games is perfect for everyone to enjoy without playing with real money. As you progress and play more, higher stake tables and games are unlocked, offering bigger bets and larger wins. Astraware Casino also includes a bank where you can get an overdraft if your luck is out, or stash your cash if you win big!

You can get Astraware Casino here for the special price of $14.95.

GoodWin at iWindowsMobile Released

VITO Technology has released the next top quality software at its brand-new web site iwindowsmobile.com to make your Windows Mobile Pocket PC handling even easier than on iPhone. GoodWin is designed for managing your applications. Finger friendly interface and fancy graphics with animated menus result in extremely convenient and appealing user experience. All important info is displayed in a single scrollable window.

GoodWin is a touch oriented Windows Mobile launcher and task switcher for Pocket PC. Slide the screen with finger to scroll the list of favorites and running programs, installed applications, and settings - all on one screen! Whenever you turn on your Pocket PC GoodWin displays all necessary information - new SMS, email, current time, and missed calls.

Along with smooth design and animated menus goes the functionality of a launcher and task switcher making GoodWin irreplaceable. Just press the power button to see time, date, number of missed calls, SMS and e-mails without squinting your eyes. Slide the padlock to unlock the screen and launch applications/settings or switch between running programs.

GoodWin greatly simplifies management of all applications. You can run, uninstall, add or remove them from favorites, switch between running applications. Moreover, it provides instant access to battery charge and phone profiles displayed at the top of the screen. One tap – and you can set your phone to ring, vibration or silent mode.

Still using stylus? Well, forget it. You will need only fingers to manage your Windows Mobile device as long as you have GoodWin on it. With GoodWin it’s all about scrolling and tapping. It’s high time for you to start enjoying your Windows Mobile device management!

GoodWin is available for $19.95 at iwindowsmobile.com" and vitotechnology.com.

MobiCheckers (PPC / WinMobile) v1.0

MobiCheckers by MobiForms is a superior computerised version of the traditional Checkers or draughts board game. MobiCheckers is designed to be played on any PDA running Pocket PC, Windows CE, Windows Mobile or Windows Smartphone. MobiCheckers will also run on any standard PC. With MobiCheckers you can pit your wits against a computer brain!


  • Intuitive and easy to use layout.
  • Runs on any PDA with Pocket PC, Windows CE, Windows Mobile or Windows Smartphone.
  • Can also run on a standard Windows PC or Tablet PC.
  • Includes "PDA Installer" program that automatically copies and configures MobiCheckers via a PC and ActiveSync.
  • You can choose whether white or black starts.
  • No cumbersome typing needed to indicate x and y coordinates of squares.
  • Just click to indicate start and finish squares to move or jump.
  • Friendly interface prompts you to move or jump.
  • Automatic removal of jumped pieces.
  • Includes comprehensive installation and instruction manual.

Get it here for $9.99.

Krystaloids (Pocket PC) v1.32

Krystaloids is yet another game by In-Fusio Inc.

In Krystaloids, rediscover the legendary space shoot’em-up in this new version with stunning graphics! You weave through the asteroids at the controls of your ship and use lasers, bombs, and teleport bonuses to eliminate the Krystaloid extra-terrestrials threatening your interstellar fleet.

As a space "garbage man", you have to eliminate the alien Krystaloids which generate asteroids and disorder space journeys. Once the Krystaloid is destroyed, you will need to destroy all remaining asteroids to access next level. You can shoot, put bombs, and teleport.


  • The space shoot'em-up: a true game classic on mobile!
  • Maximum fun, with a large arsenal of weapons and bonuses: lasers, bombs, etc.
  • A real tactical challenge using the navigational map and teleport bonuses.
  • Breathtaking graphics and spectacular animation sequences.

You can get Krystaloids here for $14.95.

e-Mobile GPS Tracker v1.2

e-Mobile Software, Inc. has released e-Mobile GPS Tracker v1.2. Lost in the woods? To complement those Boy Scout survival tips, take GPS Tracker on the trail. While the sun and your trusty compass are helpful, GPS Tracker’s many convenient features—including automatic GPS detection, real-time tracking, and detailed map and route information—make it much easier to stay on course. This all-in-one app also allows for personalized notes and photos to chronicle the stunning waterfall you stumble upon. We send you the two-finger salute, oh-so-prepared one. Your troop leader would be proud.


  • Track locations in real-time including latitude, longitude, altitude, speed and more.
  • Capture favorite vacation routes, scenic spots with personalized notes, photos.
  • Export personalized favorite trips, locations, view with Google Earth and share with friends.
  • Get detailed map and route information of POI (Point-of-Interests).
  • Automatic GPS detection and connection. Automatic GPS detection and connection.
  • Track current geo-location in real time. Including latitude, longitude, altitude, speed with compass, altimeter and speedometer.
  • Tag my location with category, note, photo and alarm.
  • Display current location map with zoom capability.
  • Manage location favorites with ease.
  • Turn on/off alarm and view photo with single click.
  • Associate favorites with photos from web and on device. Instant photo capture from the application.
  • Locate saved geo-locations or any physical address with detailed map and route information.
  • Export personalized locations and routes to Google Earth, save as outlook contact or email attachment and share your trip information (route, notes, photos etc) with friends.
  • Intuitive import & export help guide.
  • Option to search and start for GPS device manually. (Supports on/off mode)
  • GPS data log and real time satellite location status.

You can get e-Mobile GPS Tracker here for $27.95.

Touch Commander v1.1

Mobilityflow has released Touch Commander, a small software utility that provides fingertip control for PDAs and smartphones for more efficient, natural touch screen navigation. Just like an iPhone and TouchFLO, Touch Commander lets you browse and scroll a PDA interface, launch applications by recognizing and responding to the sweep of a finger across the screen.

With just a touch, you can make quick calls to photo contacts, start applications, open folders for browsing, get and send SMS, play favorite video and view photos. All basic settings of a PDA are but a touch away. The application is fully customizable, and you can set up all elements of the menu according to your own preferences. Other key features include Full Screen mode, animated transition effects between screens, and an ability to resize screen elements.

The interface of Touch Commander delivers the best features of the legendary Apple iPhone and HTC Touch with its TouchFLO technology. Touch Commander can be installed on any model of a communicator, powered by Windows Mobile 5 or upwards. But the biggest specialty lies in the price, which is nothing compared to the price of an iPhone or HTC Touch with Touch FLO.

Touch Commander is the cure to iPhone envy. Even if you don't have a few spare hundreds, you can still resist the Apple charmer's curves and 'touchy-feely' navigation if you install Touch Commander onto your PDA or smartphone. This will make even an old school handheld or smartphone look and feel so much more stylish and awesome!


  • Finger touch interface with slide effect
  • Three full-customizable screens
  • Photo-enabled quick dial screen
  • and much more...

You can get it here for $19.95.

fring for Pocket PC v3.2

fring™ is a free mobile VoIP software that lets you talk and live chat (IM) using your handset's Internet connection instead of costly mobile airtime (GSM) minutes. fring enables free mobile calls over Wi-Fi Internet access or your GPRS, EDGE or 3G Internet data plan.

fring, by Fringland Ltd., lets you easily communicate with all your fring, Skype®, MSN® Messenger, Google Talk™ , Twitter and regular phone contacts from one, integrated & searchable contact list. fring also supports SkypeOut and hundreds of SIP-based services such as GizmoProject, VoipCheap, VoipStunt, Free World, even from non-SIP enabled handsets, enabling cheap local and international VoIP calls to contacts’ PCs, mobile phones and landline numbers. Enhanced with real-time contact availability (presence) fring let’s you see who’s online before dialing.

All you need to use fring is a 3G handset with Internet connectivity that is already available from your mobile service provider or through your nearest Wi-Fi hotspot. fring is PC-independent, does not require any proprietary hardware or airtime, and works with phones purchased through any mobile operator. fring is as easy to download as a ringtone and is simple to install and use.


  • All your IM contacts, in one, complete service-Carry your PC contacts with you, wherever you go! Combining all of your Skype, ICQ, Google Talk, MSN Messenger & Twitter contacts into one mobile service, fring’''s chat feature enables you to become truly mobile.
  • Why SMS when you can chat? Unlike the lag time accompanying SMS text messaging, fring’''s chat feature means you can view entire chat conversations in real-time on your handset. Also, you’''ll reduce the high accumulated costs of SMS.
  • Presence- View your contacts’'' presence statuses. See who’''s online, who’''s offline, who’''s on a call, who’''s away and who’''s busy.
  • auto-roam into Wi-Fi hotspots- Automatically login to Wi-Fi hotspots with fring’''s new auto-roaming feature!
  • Save lots of time and hassle as you no longer have to search for access points, and save money by automatically using free Wi-Fi instead of your 3G data plan.

Get it here for $0.00.


Winter Edition of Astraware Solitaire

Winter has arrived in the Northern Hemisphere and the Holiday Season is upon us, so to celebrate Astraware has created a special version of their popular Astraware Solitaire game for Palm OS and Windows Mobile smartphones and PDAs.

Astraware Solitaire Winter Edition includes a new icy colour theme and beautiful Winter/Holiday card backs created by Astraware artists Bryan King and Mike Hanson. It also includes all of the features of the standard edition - 12 of the most well-known and best-loved single player card games; easily customizable rules so you can play your way; a range of different colour themes, backgrounds and card backs; and unlockable rewards featuring the Golden Trophy Deck.

Astraware Solitaire Winter Edition is a FREE download for registered users of the standard edition of Astraware Solitaire or Astraware Solitaire Halloween Edition as registration codes work for all three versions. New users who purchase Astraware Solitaire Winter Edition will also be able to use their registration code in the standard version of the game. It's available for Palm OS(R) 5 devices with hi-res screens, and for Windows Mobile(R) 2003, 2003SE, 5 & 6 Classic (Pocket PC), Professional (Phone Edition), and Standard (Smartphone) devices, priced $19.95.

GPS Tuner v5.2

GPS Tuner by Megalith-Systems has been updated to version 5.2.

GPS Tuner is an off-road navigation software for Pocket PC devices. While most car navigation software gives you the possibility of planning your route based on a road network, GPS Tuner gives you the ability of navigation where the roads end.

GPS Tuner is an excellent tool for hiking, geocaching, boating, flying, driving and many other sporting activities, where the monitoring of duration, distance and speed can be important.

What's new in v5.2

  • Online map downloading from Google Maps and TerraServer
  • Easy backtrack from Map menu or Manager menu if you click over a trackpoint
  • New Map data Infobox type
  • Impoved Time and Distance based track logging
  • Easting, Northing and Zone information are also exportable via TXT out module


  • Pocket PC
  • Windows Mobile 5 or Windows Mobile 6
  • 16 MB free program memory
  • GPS Receiver (NMEA compatible)

GPS Tuner is available here.

GPS Tuner Standard is $34 - [With one-year free upgrade]

GPS Tuner Basic is $24 - [Same as Standard, without free upgrade]

GPS Tuner Geo is $48 - [Area Calculation one-year free upgrade]

Pocket DVD Wizard v5

Pocket DVD Wizard by The Coding Workshop Limited lets you convert your DVDs and video files so you can watch them any of the following devices:

  • Windows Mobile Pocket PC
  • Palm OS device
  • Sony Playstation Portable (PSP)
  • Apple iPod Video & iPhone
  • Microsoft Zune
  • Portable Media Center
  • Gizmondo
  • Windows Smartphone
  • Windows CE device
  • Archos Media Player
  • Cell/Mobile Phones
  • Creative Zen Vision, Vision:W and Vision:M
  • Epson P-2000 / P-4000
  • Disney MixMax
  • and more....

The new Pocket DVD Wizard v5 is even faster than before with superb high quality output, tried and tested support for more devices than ever and of course, the fantastic, easy to use Wizard interface. The price for the Pocket DVD Wizard has remained as low as ever - just $ 24.95 (no discount codes required!)

*** DVD conversion process ***

All the conversion and file handling is done using the speed and power of your main Windows PC giving both fantastic still frames and fast action video quality, while saving you time and money. The software is designed to be very easy to use and requires no additional 'playback' software to be purchased for your Pocket PC or other handheld device.

The Pocket DVD Wizard software uses advanced compression techniques to fit a whole DVD on a memory card the size of a postage stamp. You can then play back the resulting movie file using the standard Windows Media Player already installed on your Pocket PC.

*** No more 'black bars' ***

The Pocket DVD Wizard gives you the choice when converting wide screen video. You can choose to retain the original format, and have 'black bars' on the top and bottom of the video output, or use 'pan and scan' to remove the bars and use the full screen area on your Pocket PC.

*** Target your memory card size ***

From 128mb through to 1Gb , you can select your target card size. The Pocket DVD Wizard is not restricted to fixed memory card sizes, you specify the memory card size you have (or how much space you want to use) and the software makes the adjustments needed to give you the best conversion possible, whilst targeting your specified output size.

*** Specify start and stop times ***

If you have a clip you want to convert, you can do just that. Specify the start and stop times and the Pocket DVD Wizard will create a video file from that part of your DVD or video file.

*** High quality conversion ***

The quality of the conversion is very high in all modes, but it can be set to three different levels, depending on how much time you have to convert the file. You can also select a 'switch off pc' option, to turn the pc off when the conversion has finished.

*** All versions of Windows supported ***

The latest version of the Pocket DVD Wizard runs on any desktop or laptop pc capable of playing DVD videos. If you can put a DVD in your CD/DVD drive (it does not have to be a DVD writer) and Windows can play the DVD, the Pocket DVD Wizard should work perfectly for you.

Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows XP and Windows NT / 2000 are all supported.

*** More than just a DVD conversion tool ***

You can also convert MPEG, AVI and WMV files!

All the popular DVD editing functions, such as targeting specific output file sizes, start and stop 'crop' points and removal of the wide screen black bars are supported for video file conversions in the current version of the Pocket DVD Wizard.

Forget expensive, and bulky portable DVD players, if you already have a Pocket PC you can keep the kids (and the adults!) quiet for hours.

Get it here for $24.95.

Elecont Weather for Windows Pocket PC and Smartphone v1.0.521

Need to know the weather? Don't always have the time to check? Well, with Elecont weather from Elecont you don't have to. It's right on the home screen of your Smartphone or Pocket PC. Of course if you want more details you can check out current conditions, barometric pressure, wind speed, ultraviolet intensity level, and more. That's quite a bit weather info to fit in your pocket.
Elecont Weather is world wide 6-day weather forecast and current conditions plugin for today screen. Animated effects with multiple icon sets and layout types.


  • Worldwide weather and current conditions on Today screen.
  • Animated effects on today screen with multiple icon sets.
  • Resolutions up to VGA and themes are supported.
  • Multiple home screen weather layout schemes and today screen placement.
  • Detailed six day weather forecast for day and night.
  • Current conditions with air pressure, ultra violet index and humidity.
  • 51000 world-wide locations.
  • Adding locations by city name or ZIP (for U.S.)
  • Unlimited number of weather watching locations.
  • Auto or manual weather update.
  • Last forecast is accessible when offline.
  • 9 different unit of measurement combinations.
  • No subscription fees.
  • 3-day free full functional trial period.
  • English, German, French, Italian, Chinese, Russian, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese languages are supported.

Get it here for $14.95.

iSS Sudoku Pack - Sudoku, Killer Sudoku and Kakuro (New!) v2.0.3

iSS Sudoku by Implicit Software Solutions, Inc. is a challenging logic-based puzzle game. The goal of the game is to fill the cells of a nine by nine grid with the digits 1 through 9. One important rule must be followed: each row, column, and sub grid must contain only one instance of each number. The puzzle is solved when all of the cells have been correctly filled. Each time you play, you are faced with a completely new challenge - iSS Sudoku has an infinite number of puzzles, so no two games are ever the same!

iSS Kakuro is a challenging logic-based puzzle game. It combines elements of Sudoku with the strategy of a crossword puzzle. Except the crossword clues are the total sum of all of the values in each vertical or horizontal section. The goal of the game is to fill each cell with a number from 1 through 9. However, each continuous vertical or horizontal line cannot have more than one instance of any number. The puzzle is solved when all of the cells have been correctly filled. Each time you play, you are faced with a completely new challenge - iSS Kakuro has over 1 million puzzles, so no two games are ever the same!

iSS Killer Sudoku is a puzzle that combines the best elements of Sudoku and Kakuro. Groups of cells are outlined, and only the sum of all of the values within those cells are given. Using this information along with the rules of classic Sudoku (each row, column and nonet must contain the numbers 1 - 9) you must find the correct values of all 81 cells!

Game Options

  • Silent mode
  • Three color schemes
  • Five challenging levels of play


  • Challenging, logical game play
  • High quality graphics on all supported phones/devices
  • Clear, high quality sound effects
  • Over 1 billion possible puzzles
  • Automatic game save when you quit
  • Ability to enter sudoku puzzles manually
  • Instructions/Help Included
  • Onscreen game timer
  • Cells remaining indicator
  • Saves your High Score (score based on difficulty and time to complete)
  • Counter to show how many game cells are left to solve
  • Optimized for single-handed use
  • Optimized for extended battery life and efficient memory usage
  • Full stylus support (for supported devices)
  • No additional files required

Grab it here for $19.95.


inDev Software has updated it's Spider Solitaire to version 1.20.

Spider Solitaire is one of best-known two-deck solitaires, despite the fact that it''s an extremely difficult game to win. It seems to inspire a fanatic devotion among some players. Perhaps the rareness of a win makes it all the more satisfying when, once in a while, it does come out.

You can try Spider solitaire right now, please download a free demo version (limited to the timed game only).


  • Supports QVGA and VGA portrait and landscape orientation. Square screens are also supported.
  • Three game difficulties (1, 2 and 4 suits)
  • Four play modes: drag&drop, tapping and two keyboard navigation types
  • Unlimited undo
  • Show Next Move feature
  • Supports timed game
  • Adjustable game field color and card back
  • Best times table
  • Statistics
  • Game rules

Grab it here for $4.95.

FreeCell v1.20

inDev Software has updated it's FreeCell Solitaire.

FreeCell is an implementation of the well-known FreeCell Solitaire for Windows Mobile handhelds. This implementation combines natural gameplay, high-res graphics and many game options.


  • Supports QVGA and VGA portrait and landscape orientation. Square screens are also supported.
  • Four play modes: drag&drop, tapping and two keyboard navigation types
  • Automoves
  • Unlimited undo
  • Show Next Move feature
  • Supports timed game
  • Adjustable game field color and card back
  • Best times table
  • Statistics
  • Game rules

Get it here for $4.95.

We'll be back soon with more Treo software news!

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