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Treo Software Roundup

Mon Dec 17, 2007 - 9:22 AM EST - By Jennifer Chappell

Palm OS Software

In this roundup we have CrazySoft Smart Educational Games, Amazon Fruits, DVD Catalyst, updates to mRing, Power Hero, and more.


CrazySoft Smart Educational Games for Palm OS

CrazySoft has released a new game pack. Smart Educational Games v1.0 is a pack of games that helps you learn world Geography (States, Counties, Capital Cities), improves your memory, your mental awareness and your calculating speed.

Specially designed for both Grown-ups and Kids: The program is suitable for both Grown-ups and kids. A simple button changes the difficulty on all the games at once.

Improve your Geography:
There is a pack of map games for USA, Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia, Center and South America where you must find either States / Countries or the Capital Cities on the map. The faster you do it the better your score will be. Help is available so that you can surly learn all the worlds geography.

Improve your Memory:
A memory game helps you fit your brains memory and by time improve it.

Improve your Mental Awareness:
A puzzle game with many different images helps you use your brain by just playing a very addictive game.

Improve your Calculating Speed:
These may look like simple ¡shoot the ufo¢ games but they are very sophisticated educational games which help you calculate faster and faster. You can try addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.


  • Hi resolution!
  • Crystal clear graphics with thousands of colours.
  • Full screen graphics!
  • Difficulty control.
  • 5 way navigator support
  • Export Hi-Scores to internet

Get it here for $19.95.


Cookiz by ShSh Software is a game with 63 levels of pure fun and challenge. You attempt to clear the matrix by merging cookies of similar color and shape.

Cookiz is available here for $14.95.

RDM Remote Desktop for Palm OS v3.6.6

SHAPE Services has released RDM ™ Remote Desktop for Mobiles, which allows you to access remotely your desktop or laptop computer from Palm OS handheld. You can send and receive emails, surf web, edit documents in word processor, copy, cut, paste files or folders and do hundreds other things that you typically do sitting in front of your home or office computer. Interface is user-friendly and navigation is simple.

You can try this product for free. Just get them from "Download section" - it runs a week as a full functional version. After that the application will propose you to buy a license for further work.

Security and privacy

Connection to RDM Server is completely safe. All data transferring between remote computer and your BlackBerry is strongly encrypted. For data encryption RDM uses 3DES (Triple DES, CBC mode) algorithm with 128-bits key. The 3DES key is randomly generated each time when the new session is started. It guarantees top level data protection. The data can be decrypted only by mobile device or remote computer. RDM Server can not decrypt these data and doesn't store your computer accounts. The server's only function is to provide communication channel between your BlackBerry and remote computer.


  • Simple navigation. You can use your Palm's keyboard and navigation button instead of mouse and computer keyboard.
  • Quick commands. You can use quick commands for starting/stopping system services and processes, viewing the list of desktop windows, checking system performance, displaying system information and rebooting or shutting down your computer.
  • One-time fee. All further updates are free.
  • Windows Vista support.
  • English and German user interface. The language of application is chosed automatically depending of devices language and could be changed in preferences.
  • Connection type auto-configuration: BES, BIS, TCP/IP and HTTP connection are supported.
  • Request support and provide feedback about the application directly from your mobile device.
  • Three-level security.
  • Encryption. Remote Desktop for Mobiles works in encrypted mode. All data, screen images, mouse movement and keys are encrypted using 128 bit encryption with randomly generated keys.
  • Logging. Middleware on your computer has a logging feature and all connections are written to the log file.
  • Password protection. You can create a password when starting up application. Without this password no one can access your client address book.
  • Executing any console commands (like ping, netstat, ipconfig) is available.
  • History feature allows to find and re-send stored commands.
  • Full-screen view and zooming. In full-screen mode you can see the remote screen on the entire screen of your device. Zoomed mode lets you see enlarged fragment of the desktop in more detail. In zoomed mode you can also scroll the desktop up/down, right/left.
  • Hotkeys. You can switch between different mode using the predefined hotkeys and create device-specific keys for mouse click and open desktop menu.
  • Advanced security option lets you assign main password at startup of the client. If your phone is lost or stolen no one can access your client address book. Address book will be encrypted by main password.
  • 7-Day Free Trial

Get it here for $34.95.

Amazon Fruits

Handcase has released Amazon Fruits. This addicting game is a puzzle you need in such a way to congregate three equal amazon fruits adjacent of the horizontal line as in the vertical line, the group disappears giving to place the new fruits or regrouping the ones that continue in the screen. In English. Only for palm colored. Free only for users of the games of Handcase. GameScore helps you to organize all your moves for any type of game, our game, console, arcade, pc or web.


  • The more you play, the more difficult it will become.
  • GameScore helps you to organize all your moves for any type of game, our game, console, arcade, pc or web. Amazon Fruits

You can grab Amazon Fruits here for $14.00.

HandPass v2.0

Handcase releases HandPass, software that provides security for storage and organization of your passwords, logins and numbers of bank card, credit or debit, card shop, login and password, computer, computer login and password and several other options of the password, including code validation. It password for access to 128 bits and algorithm blowfish. Structured to be flexible in the record of passwords. Offering choices of types of passwords rather than having all the information organized into lists and by categories. With It just remember a single password, your master password. In English.


  • password of the 128 bits
  • algorithm blowfish
  • options of the passwords
  • internal list of passwords
  • organize by category
  • master password
  • block for reset

You can get it here for $17.00.

Astraware Casino for Palm OS

Astraware has released Astraware Casino for Palm OS. Try your luck with Astraware Casino - a collection of the most popular casino games all in one pack. Enjoy all the fun of a real casino on your smartphone without losing your shirt!

Astraware Casino features 8 of the most popular games found in casinos around the world including Texas Hold 'Em Limit Poker, Roulette, Slots, and Blackjack. You'll also get $1000 in your virtual wallet so you can start playing right away.


  • Blackjack, Video Poker, Roulette, Craps, Baccarat, Slots, Video Keno and Texas Hold 'Em Limit Poker in one easy-to-use pack
  • Instructions on how to play each game
  • Low stakes games to begin, with higher stakes games unlocked as you play
  • Earn rewards for special achievements to put in your 'Souvenir Suitcase'
  • $1000 dollars in your virtual wallet to play with

You can get it here for $19.95.


DVD Catalyst v3.1

DVD Catalyst has released v3.1 of it's software. Convert your DVDs and video files with a single click. Computers were created to do boring, repetitive tasks for us. DVD Catalyst 3 is the only fully automated DVD conversion tool on the market that recognizes this, and provides you with the features you always wanted for DVD conversion, but could never find.

About DVD Catalyst 3
DVD Catalyst 3, the continuation of the multi-award-winning PocketDVD, DVD Catalyst and DVD Catalyst GT, is a DVD and video conversion application for your computer (Windows 2000, XP and Vista) and provides you with the easiest to use, most powerful conversion options you can get.
DVD Catalyst 3 uses a one-click conversion system to convert your movies, and while providing many of the same options as similar products - and a great many more - it does not require you to click through all of them for every single DVD or video file you want to convert.
DVD Catalyst 3 offers powerful automation options that take over repetitive tasks such as screen size adjustments, language/subtitle selection and it can even monitor TV Recordings/Downloads folders to convert new content automatically.


  • Best value: Almost every device on the planet is supported. Includes are profiles for AppleTV, iPod, iPhone, PocketPC, Smartphone, XBOX, Zune etc. No need to purchase the same program for different devices.
  • Can create files using DIVX, XVID, WMV, H264, AVC, MPEG4, 3GP and more. Can convert more obscure video file formats (Real, SWF, MKV, OGM etc) even if your computer can not play them.
  • Newbie-friendly: DVD Catalyst 3 is designed to be as easy to use as possible for the beginner, yet provides enough features for the guru.
  • Monitor folders: DVD Catalyst 3 can keep track of your Media Center or TiVo recordings, and convert them automatically whenever new files are found.
  • Easy to use: DVDs in your computer are automatically detected as well as when you put them in. All you need to do is select the video player you have and press GO.
  • Future proof: Support for new devices, as well as improvements for the older ones are continuously worked added.
  • Multi-device conversion: Only DVD Catalyst 3 allows you to queue multiple devices for conversion, creating the same movie optimized for all selected devices.
  • Batch conversion: DVD Catalyst 3 allows you to queue conversions of as many DVD drives as your computer can handle (both real and virtual) and as many video files (ISO files supported) as you desire to as many devices as you desire. Once the conversion is done it can shut down your computer as well.
  • Language and subtitle support for both DVD and video files (MKV and SRT) With DVD Catalyst 3, you can even set default choices for these to make conversion even easier.
  • Automatic black-bar removal.
  • Fully automatic conversion capability. DVD Catalyst 3 can start when windows starts, check for new files in folders and automatically convert them by using your preferred settings.
  • Actual (80 page) user guide included in the installer. While not needed for general use, it offers complete assistance on everything DVD Catalyst 3 has to offer and more.
  • Fully featured 7-day trial version. You get to use DVD Catalyst 3 for 7 days without any additional limitations. No watermarks in the video files you create, and most definitely no 5 minute video clips of a 2 hour movie.

Grab it here for $29.95.


MotionApps has updated their mRing to version 4.0.3. Make your phone alive with MP3 ringtones and pictures, plus get free bonus - SD card reader software for easier files transfer.

With mRing you can assign MP3, MIDI, WAV ringtones and pictures to phone book contacts or contact categories, separate phone call and SMS ringtones, define profiles (silent, VIP etc.), schedule profiles (daily, weekly) and easily ignore incoming call with SMS.

Manage ringtones easy and intuitively at one convenient place, and add some great call effects to your phone using selected MP3 ringtones from Business-Professional Ringtone Collection included with mRing. You can also use your MP3 music to personalize your phone experience the way you like!

Set Different Ring Tones and Images for Your Contacts and Categories mRing enables you to assign a different ring tone or image to each contact in your default smartphone address book. If you have organized your contacts into categories you can assign a special ring tone or image to each category - use different tunes and images for all your friends, co-workers, family...

Use Various Ring Tone Formats mRing can use system, MIDI, MP3 and WAV files as ring tones out of the box. You don't need any additional software. Also, mRing includes five free mp3 ring tones stored in the mRing folder on your SD card after the installation.


  • New! Assign and display picture on incoming call
  • New! Ignore incoming call with SMS
  • New! Profiles scheduler (daily, weekly)
  • New! Selected MP3 ringtones included with mRing
  • New! Use sidebutton to switch between profiles
  • New! Filter incoming calls and define blacklist
  • New! Free bonus - SD card reader software included
  • Assign MP3, MIDI, WAV ringtones to contacts or categories
  • Assign ringtone to unknown callers, no caller id etc.
  • Set different ring tones for phone call and SMS
  • Store ringtones on SD card and save phone memory
  • Use existing phone book contacts, no duplicated information
  • Define profiles (VIP, silent etc.)
  • Ascending ring tones and vibrate before ring options

You can get it here for $29.99.

Power Hero v1.13

Hobbyist Software has updated Power Hero. Power Hero helps you to get the best out of your Battery!

100% Guarantee:
If for any reason you don't like Power Hero- I will give you a 100% refund.

Console -Instantly see and control the main power drains on your Treo Schedule - Set your Treo's functions to be on only when you need them Save - Automatically turn off power draining features after you have finished using them Auto Bluetooth - turn your Bluetooth on automatically when your call arrives! Shortcuts - use the free shortcut applications to control features from your launcher


  • Instantly see the status of the power-using features of your device.
  • Instantly turn features on and off (like Bluetooth, Network, Phone, Infrared)
  • Easily schedule when features should turn themselves on and off.
  • Power Hero has a very flexible scheduling system which is also remarkably easy to use.
  • You can control all the power-draining features on your Treo and set up schedules as simple or as complex as you like.
  • Turn features off when you are done with them...
  • It is as if Power Hero turns the light off for you when you leave the room!
  • When you use the internet, the application will automatically make a network connection. Normally that connection would be left on indefinitely. Power Hero lets you turn it off automatically a few minutes after you turn off your Treo.
  • A series of free 'Shortcut Applications' are available for you to easily control the power-using features on your Treo directly from your launcher.

Grab it here for $9.95.

FakeCall v2.3

Fake Call, by Toysoft Development, Inc., is a program that is intended to give Treo owners a way to escape impromptu office meetings and unwanted social interactions using the Treo -- by simulating incoming phone calls!

With your phone in your pocket, switch the System Ringer switch to Off and On or setup an appointment in the Calendar application and voila! A call will materialize from anyone you want, your phone will light up like a Christmas tree, your favorite ringtone will sound and, when you accept your fake call, an active call screen identical to a real one will display and a voice will be heard on the other end of the line! This program is a true escape from any unwanted situation!


  • Fake Call is a program that is intended to give Treo owners a way to escape impromptu office meetings and unwanted social interactions using the Treo -- by simulating incoming phone calls!
  • With your phone in your pocket, switch the System Ringer switch to Off and On or setup an appointment in the Calendar application and voila! A call will materialize from anyone you want, your phone will light up like a Christmas tree, your favorite ringtone will sound and, when you accept your fake call, an active call screen identical to a real one will display and a voice will be heard on the other end of the line! This program is a true escape from any unwanted situation!
  • Features
  • Authentic incoming and call screens
  • Set an appointment in the Calendar to activate the fakecall automatically
  • Set delay time before FakeCall is activated
  • Play defined MIDI ringtone
  • Very easy to activate even when your Treo is in your pocket
  • Very simple User Interface

Grab it here for $9.99.

Be sure to read Harv's excellent review of FakeCall.

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