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Treo Software Roundup

Mon Jan 14, 2008 - 12:01 PM EST - By Jennifer Chappell

Palm OS Software

In this roundup we have TreoPack 2008, Earth Day, Traffic Jam 2, DVD Catalyst 3.3, Pocket Informant 8, and more.

New Software

TreoPack 2008 v1.0

RNS:: releases a bundle of 9 leading RNS:: titles for Treo in one pack. Enhance your every-day Treo experience with one step!

Each title brings new features to your Treo:

TreoCallLogTool - The set of tools performing call log operations that Treo is missing.
TreoCameraTimer - Self timer for the built-in Camera application on your Treo.
TreoCommandBar - Rediscover the command bar! Get the missing feature back to your Treo!
TreoCrashLog - Displays the complete crash log of your Treo.
TreoOfflineViewer - Save and load web pages from the SD card with your favorite web browser.
TreoRingtoneInstaller - The simplest way to install polyphonic ringtones to your Treo!
TreoSelecText - Highlight text with the 5-Way Navigator. Dial numbers pressing Shift Center.
TreoShortCuts - Rediscover shortcuts! Get the missing Palm feature back to your Treo!
TreoVCardReceiver - Save vCard objects received via SMS directly to your Contacts.

The price includes free updates of all bundled products until the end of 2008 - there are no plans to update this bundle after 2008. Please try all trial versions of the bundled software before buying this bundle. The individual prices of the bundled software is subject to change at any time and do not influence the price of this bundle.

Get it here for $39.95.

MissedCall v1.3.4

Raymond Lo has released MissedCall. Missed Call can give you an LED indicator when you got a missed call/message. Now, you don't have to wake up the screen to receive your missed call/message attention.

Supports Treo 600/650/680/700p/755p/Centro.

Get your 10 call/message trial above (January 2008)!

Must follow the Readme file for install/upgrade.

Updated Description:
1.3.4: (4 Jan 2008)
- Maintenance release


  • Vibration/Sound alert.
  • Choose your own LED indicator.
  • Auto enable after system soft reset.
  • Compatible with RingerSwitch Basic/Pro 1.4 or later.
  • Note: If you have RingerSwitch Basic/Pro installed, you should upgrade to RingerSwitch Basic/Pro 1.4 or later before installing MissedCall.
  • Registered user can get free update for future release.

You can get it here for $6.99.

Earth Day (Palm OS) v1.0.0

Earth Day, by eSoft Interactive is eSoft Interactive's take on your regular shoot-em'up game genre. Earth Day is an action-packed arcade game that pits the player in an engaging experience of defending our mother Earth from fleets of alien spaceships attempting to invade our planet. Give it a try and we guarantee you'll be hooked!


  • Never ending level! How far can you protect our planet?
  • Original action arcade gameplay
  • Cool sound effects and music
  • High score ranking
  • Engaging gaming experience!
  • Online score ranking!
  • FREE lifetime updates!

Get it here for $9.95.

Traffic Jam 2 (Palm OS) v1.0.0

Your favorite Beetle is back! With more twists and puzzles, Traffic Jam 2, by eSoft Interactive is an exciting sequel for the original Traffic Jam lovers out there!

The goal of the game is still the same, get the yellow Beetle out of the traffic jam by moving vehicles out of its way. Breeze through dozens of puzzles and compare your stats with your friends.


  • Includes 250 exciting puzzles!
  • Addictive and simple gameplay
  • Amazing graphics and sounds
  • Save/Load your game anytime, anywhere!
  • Track your stats and compare with your friends!
  • Earn tokens and auto-solve puzzles
  • FREE lifetime updates!

Grab it here for $9.95.

inCubus v1.00

inDev Software has released nCubus, a simple but addictive logical game which will explode your mind for sure! It has unique game concept -- a combination of well-known Bejeweled, old classic Tetris and Color Lines. Once you try it you'll never stop.

So, the basic idea of inCubus is to collect same colors on front sides of cubes by rotating them. You can see only three sides of cube (front, top and right), but opposite sides of each cube are identical, i.e. cube can contain maximum of three different colors. It also means that there is no difference in which direction you turn the cube -- to the left or to the right -- result will be the same.

There are three different game types in inCubus.
In time competition you have limited amount of time and the goal is to score as much points as possible. You can select suitable time limit from predefined set of 6 values (from 1 to 30 minutes)

Score competition is an opposite game type to time competition: the goal is to decrease given score to zero as fast as possible. There are 5 predefined score limits (from 2500 to 15000 points)

Both time and score competition game types have their own high score tables. You can try to beat predefined scores or clear them and start to build your own.

Third game type -- practice -- is a kind of training. There is no time or score limit, you just play game for fun. Also, there are no high score tables for this type of game.

Each game type has three difficulty levels. When you set higher difficulty level the number of colors on the field increases. Easy level field has only 6 colors, medium -- 9 and at high difficulty you play with 12 colors.


  • Unique game concept
  • Three game types
  • Three difficulty levels
  • Top 10 players table

Pick it up here for $9.95.


ChordLab v2.4.2

RoGame Software has released version 2.4.2 of ChordLab, the essential tool for song-writers and musicians in general assists with all chord spelling tasks. Features a built-in Circle of Fifths and chord finder for when you know the pitches, but not the chord. Many times chord spelling becomes an essential task, be it to communicate what you are playing to others or simply when writing it down. To complicate matters music theory is often complex and correctly spelling a chord that may have sharps AND flats, double flats or double sharps is not always easy. That is where ChordLab can be of great assistance as a sort of chord calculator.

In addition ChordLab can also show you how to finger given chords on the piano or guitar. It features all the standard voicings commonly used in Jazz, Rock, Pop, and elsewhere. This helps to write fitting music for an instrument one might not be too familiar with.

So, all in all, if you are playing any harmony instrument, take a look at this application. The demo is free. And - as always you get a year of free upgrades and free download service.


  • Cord Finder. This tool allows one to just enter a bunch of notes and find out what chord exactly these might represent. Many guitar players often play fingering combinations without being aware of the kind of chord these notes might represent. Notes can be entered just by pitch and without having to have the correct name.
  • Circle of Fifths which is implemented interactively and can be used to show parallel minor/major key signatures.

Grab it here for $15.95.

Mozart v3.5.3

Mozart Mozart version 3.5.3 was released by RoGame Software and is a program designed to aid in the process of learning how to read music. It does that in form of a game. Once the game is started via the toolbar or menu a stream of whole notes comes streaming from the right side of the screen. These notes have to be named in the order of their appearance with the current input instrument (i.e. piano). Once a note gets too close to the clef on the left side of the screen it disappears in a cloud of vapor and the player loses one life. For each note named in time the player gets one point or more depending on level. The further the game progresses the more notes will appear in this steady stream and their range will widen to potentially include many ledger lines above and below the staff. Once a player has depleted all his lives the game is over and he might receive a high score.

With version 3.0 Mozart can use new sound modules from RoGame Software. These are part of a sound library that will be made available in other music education titles as well. The game includes a Grand Piano module that sounds very realistic. Palm OS 5.x is needed for playback of these new sound modules and playback is asynchronous on many devices like the newer Treos, which makes for a very realistic game experience.

Over the years also many music professionals have used Mozart mainly to improve the reading of unfamiliar keys. Version 3.0 adds key signatures which makes Mozart an even more valuable tool for the student as well as for the professional. A real boon, however, is the option to have the notes of the current key signature highlighted graphically in the current instrument. The Solfege instrument now works according the “movable DO” principle and the letter input instrument changes note names according to key. A toolbar button to switch between parallel major and minor makes this concept very transparent.

Another new feature in Mozart 3.0 are ranges. This concept has been implemented very broadly and allows for different ranges in every clef and instrument. By allowing the student to adjust the range of notes that can appear in a practicing session games can be better targeted towards specific weaknesses.

Previous users of Mozart will find many more new features in version 3.0 than can be described here. There is a new bass instrument. Sessions can be repeated. Solfege syllables can be switched to use Si instead of Ti. The game speed can be adjusted globally and is now constant, and much more. If you are involved in music in any capacity be it as student or teacher or professional, you want to take a look at this application. Get the demo and give it a spin.

Mozart is available by itself and as part of Music Bundle and Music Bundle Pro

German version available


  • Sound modules for realistic sounding instruments
  • Toolbar interface
  • Customizable notation view
  • Live play mode in all instruments
  • All major and minor key signatures
  • Parallel major/minor switch
  • New instrument controls
  • Added instrument bass
  • Repeatable session
  • Sessions wizard to configure key and range of training sessions
  • Movable Do for Solfege exercises
  • Switch between Ti or Si
  • New full screen interface
  • Updated for new Palm handhelds

Buy it here for $24.95.

Lightwav 2.8

LightWav, by Toysoft Inc, is packed with cool features such as MP3/WAV/OGG ringtones, full screen JPG callerID, GIF and Animated GIF and Live! video callerID, callerID blocking, Announce call with many different languages, ringtone volume boosting, do not disturb, call notes, Missed Call, powerful Simple Profile and many more features.


  • Includes MP3/WAV/OGG player. No need for 3rd party audio player
  • Repeat individual ringtone specifying duration in seconds to repeat
  • Set song position to start playing as the ringtone
  • Full screen JPG caller ID. Only possible with Lightwav
  • GIF and GIF Animation as caller ID
  • Live! video caller ID. Required Live www.toysoft.ca/live650.html to record high resolution videos
  • Classic and Picture Dial views
  • Set custom MP3 ringtones for sms and voicemail notifications
  • Assign custom wav/mp3/ogg ringtone to Contact and Categories
  • CallerID and SMS blocking. Block unwanted callers and SMS
  • North America area code. See where the caller is calling from
  • Convert sound files from card to RAM
  • Do not disturb feature. Send friendly SMS message when you are busying or away from the phone or forward the call when DND is active.
  • Block any caller or callers not in your Contact database
  • VIP feature. Allow VIPs to call you regardless if Do Not Disturb is enabled
  • Call notes. Add a journal for the caller into the Calendar application
  • Ringtone volume boosting. Ringtone not loud enough. No problem with Lightwav
  • Option to always Send SMS to mobile number if exists. No matter it the caller called from Landline
  • Outbound ringtone when you call some one
  • Announce incoming call. Many different languages
  • Send friendly SMS message for missed calls
  • Pager. Use Lightwav as a traditional pager for incoming SMS and Missed Calls
  • Simple yet powerful Profile Manager. Take control of your Treo.
  • Calendar/Agendus/Datebk6 profile integration
  • MP3 ringtone safe mode in case the external card becomes ejected
  • 2Day integration. See all blocked and missed calls on 2Day screen
  • Escalating Ringtone
  • Large color fonts for caller ID number display
  • Detailed incoming call log

Get it here for $24.95.

SMSPager 2.3

SMSPager, by Toysoft Inc ,lets you send and receive SMS messages. SMSPager is simple in design, to use and is packed with full of features. Custom picture can be assigned to individual Contacts. When you receive a message from that contact their picture will be displayed with the message.

Each custom filter you can set a different Alert for audible notification. You can select any MIDI, AMR and MP3 file to use as the SMS alert sound and picture ID. You can set the number of times to repeat up to 20 times or forever. Addition you can set how often to repeat the audio alert. Optionally with vibrate.

When you reply to a sender SMSPager can group the conversation into a thread so that you can easily follow the conversation.

For privacy you can set to only notify you with Notification manager and sound which do not show the new text message.

For greater security with your text messages you can assign a password to protect SMSPager from unauthorized use. Users must enter the correct password before SMSPager can be launched.

For even greater security you can optionally encrypt the Inbox and all the threads. Encrypted messages can only be read by you. SMSPager uses the best and strongest AES 256bits encryption.

Get it here for $9.95.

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