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Smartphone Experts Skin Case for Palm Centro

Thu Jan 17, 2008 - 9:05 AM EST - By Jay Gross


My brave red Centro seems at risk of more worst case scenarios than I’m willing to think about on a rainy day. There’s that passing gravel truck, accidental knocks on the corners of coffeehouse tables, flying raptors’ claws, and much more that I dare not describe. I added a screen protector, and breathed a relieved sigh, but the rest of my little red treasure still faces the metaphorical slings and arrows that fate dishes out.

Smartphone Experts to the rescue. Their new Skin Case for Palm Centro adds just enough protection without getting in the way. Welcome, Centro protection! The product even comes with a belt clip and two pristine white lanyards. I like using a neck lanyard, and the skin case considerately accommodates the Centro’s lanyard pin, with a shaped cutout.

I went for the Frosted Clear model of the case. It lets my Centro’s wondrous red almost shine through. The product also comes in black and translucent “Lady Pink.” The pink model makes me wish for a black Centro just to flaunt it outfitted with a pink translucent Skin Case. It’s that nice looking.

Nice feel, too. The case’s silicone material adds considerable “tooth” to the otherwise slick and slippery Centro. Harder to drop, and less likely to skitter across counters and (gack!) floors. Overall, it’s a great combination for color and feel, with great protection for the finish. Except the screen.

If you’re new to smartphones, have a seat in the Explanatorium for a moment. Cases come in a mind boggling array of styles and sizes. You can get a purse-like pouch that’ll hold most anything, or a form-fitted case that hugs the device closely while keeping it more readily accessible than a pouch. A skin case s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-s around the device, leaving holes for its controls and ports to peek out. There are other types of cases, too. Centro’s new, so there aren’t many entries yet – before you click that link, be sure to set Centro as the target device. Patience, though. It won’t be long.


Smartphone Experts’ Skin Case for Palm Centro has openings for tee-totally everything, including the IR port, micro SD card door, charge/earphone/HotSync port, stylus, camera, speakers, and even the ring/vibrate switch on top. The screen and keyboard peek out through large windows cut into the material. The precision of the cutouts is impressive. Even so, I find the little door over the micro SD card slot difficult to operate, but it’s not any worse with or without the case’s thin layer of silicone around it.

The skin case protects against nicks, scratches, and dings, but you will need a good screen protector. There’s also no protection for the keyboard.

One reason for getting a case for your smartphone is so you can attach it to your person, reserving valuable space in your pockets for the nuts and bolts of life – money, marbles, and chalk. The skin case sports a non-removable button that snaps into the supplied belt clip. It rotates full-circle (but doesn’t have any detents). I’m not a fan of belt clips, anyway, and I wish this one were removable (Run get me the scissors?). Maybe the company will offer a model without the clip.


Overall, Smartphone Experts’ Skin Case for Palm Centro implements a good combination of simplicity, protection, and accessibility, while making a fashion statement. Or not. The case is an inexpensive, easy solution that can clip to a belt or clothing, or snap onto the strap of a book bag. The included wrist and neck lanyards make this case quite a sweet deal.

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Design 5
Usability 5
Protection (cases) 4
Cost/Benefit 5
(not an average)
  • Good looks - translucent silicone material
  • Soft, squishy feel adds grip-ability
  • Cutouts for everything, even lanyard post and micro SD card slot
  • Wrist and neck lanyards included
  • Easy to slip on or off
  • Cons
  • Zero protection for screen
  • Bulky belt clip button is not removable

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