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Treo Software Roundup - v01282008

Sun Jan 27, 2008 - 8:16 PM EST - By Jennifer Chappell

Palm OS Software

Palm OS: New

PhoneFavs v1.2

PhoneFavs, by MobileInfocenter, is a mobile optimized web portal and online bookmarking service designed for your phone and portable gadgets. The free service enables users to keep an always-available list of bookmarks for web sites that can be easily viewed on a mobile browser.

PhoneFavs allows you to view and use your bookmarks on a mobile device in an easy to use small screen format. You can store, organize and share your bookmarks and access them on any device. You can even import your existing bookmarks from Firefox, Internet Explorer and del.icio.us.


  • mobile bookmarks
  • mobile web directory
  • mobilizer web transcoder
  • smartphone software

Get it here for FREE, that's right, FREE!

Resco IDGuard for Palm OS v1.10.2

IDGuard, by Recso, securely stores your personal information: passwords, PINs, credit cards etc. Information is encrypted using industrial standard AES and is quickly accessible on your PDA.

IDGuard provides secure storage for any files - documents, images etc. And, in todays world, we need all the security we can get!

IDGuard lets you work with stored documents: It decrypts the document on the fly, calls the document reader and re-imports eventual modifications.


  • Flexible GUI - a tree, list, icons or any combination.
  • Customizable record templates and categories
  • Special data editors for address/ phone number/ e-mail
  • Multiple data sources (password databases)
  • Backup/Restore, Export/Import, Send
  • Password generator, auto-locking etc.
  • Desktop component under development
  • Records can have reminders (alarms), notes and attachments (any files).
  • Attachments can be created also with built-in camera or audio recorder.
  • SECURE DOCUMENT WORKFLOW is supported by these doc readers:
    • doc/xls/ppt...: Documents To Go v9 , Mobi Office
    • pdf: Palm PDF
    • images: Resco Viewer
    • audio/video: TCPMP
    • Others: html (most browsers), Repligo, Kinoma
    • IDGuard itself provides jpg preview and mp3/wav replay
    • Other doc readers provide unsafe interface: They receive a document copy and it is the user's responsibility to secure his data.

Resco IDGuard looks very similar to SplashID. SplashID has a desktop companion, and I see that Resco IDGuard has one under development. In this day of identity theft, it's never a bad idea to protect your data! Grab it here for $19.95.

HandGo v1.0

Handcase introduces an ancient oriental board game called Go. A game of logic and strategy. In this elegant version you have 7 levels, 2 boards and 4 modes of play (you against the palm, you against a friend, the palm against you and palm against the palm). By E-mail. Free only for users of the games of Handcase the GameScore to you organize all your moves for any type of game, ours game, console, arcade, pc or web.


  • 7 levels
  • 2 boards
  • 4 modes

Pick it up here for $10.00.

Warn v1.0

Warn, by Handcase, can organize any type of warning to be remembered, by date and time. With it you organize groups of shares that may be linked to one of 12 screens of alert. Thus meetings can be only on screen 1, medical consultations in 2 and so on. You will be warned by 2 types (visual-the palm turn on directly on the screen of the warning and sound-bip of palm). In internal manual you can see more tips on how to use this indispensable tool. In English.


  • 12 screens of alert
  • 12 alarms
  • 2 alarm types
  • add types

Check it out here for $13.00.

Also, check out these other titles from Handcase!


Kinoma Player 4 EX for Palm OS 5 - English

Kinoma, Inc has released version 4.41 of its Kinoma Player EX, which is the PREMIERE media player for your Centro, Treo or other Palm OS 5 device!

"Kinoma Player 4 EX is almost too difficult to review. Because it is just too good."
-- James Barisic, Palm Addict

"It's like having 1,000 radio stations on preset buttons."
-- Harv Laser, TreoCentral (Read Harv's Excellent review!)

Fixes and improvements:

  • YouTube made some unexpected changes that prevented Kinoma Player from playing the Flash Video versions of YouTube videos. This release understands these changes, restoring full YouTube support.
  • Recently, Google began to include other types of content in their RSS feeds. This release understands these changes, eliminating most "cannot be played" alerts.
  • Flickr made changes to their feeds, and this release provides improved compatibility with those changes.
  • On rare occasions, Kinoma Player's cache can become corrupted and cause problems. This release includes a new Clear History and Cache menu item that allows customers to fix cache problems without having to search for and delete the cache file. This command also doubles as a privacy feature, allowing customers to delete their browsing and playback history.
  • On Palm T|X devices, the screen would turn on when transitioning between songs. This release fixes that.
  • On Palm T|X and Palm LifeDrive devices, selecting certain Google Video search results could cause a crash. This release fixes that.

Get it here for $24.99.

Mobiola Video Studio Pro

Warelex LLC has released version 2.1.17 of its universal video converter, Mobiola Video Studio Pro! Universal video converter with free player. Get videos or groups of videos (from YouTube/DVD/hard drive) to your phone with a single drag and drop mouse move! Blazing fast performance, excellent quality, automatic settings plus great flexibility (only in Pro) with manual configuration.

Supported formats:

  • avi, 3gp, mov, mpeg, mpg, mjpeg, mp4, mg2, mve, m4v, mkv, flv, smk, str, vob, rm, fli, flc, wve, uv2, wmv, 3g2, asf, m4a

*The trial version lasts 15 conversions*


  • Converts DVD, YouTube, Google Video, video files (majority of formats), groups of files or folders with files to the BEST video format played by your device (automatic settings)
  • ONLY IN PRO - flexible output format
  • Unique DRAG AND DROP to device functionality of DVDs, files and folders or videos from the browser (YouTube, Google Video)
  • LANGUAGE selection functionality for DVD
  • SUBTITLE support for most languages for DVD
  • QUEUE OF JOBS, do not wait until previous conversion is done, just drag and drop new videos
  • DRAG AND DROP/convert to PC also works
  • AUTOMATIC DISCOVERY of the mobile device and device model
  • REMOTE FILE MANAGEMENT functionality

Get yours here for $29.95. There is also a standard version for $19.95.

NeatFreak Pack Ultimate

Northglide releases version 4.06 of its NeatFreak Pack Ultimate.

NeatFreak Pack
The Ultimate Keep It Clean Solution for your Palm Powered™ Handheld

When you but the NeatFreak Pack Ultimate you SAVE $25.85 if products are purchased separately.

Stay on top of your software installations: The NeatFreak Pack includes Cleanup, to clean your device from old leftovers, and Uninstall Manager to make sure it stays that way. SAVE 30% OFF the regular price if products are purchased separately.

- Uninstall Manager
Take full control over software installations and already installed programs: With features such as the Sandbox mode, installation monitoring, "hidden files" creation-supervision, automatic expansion card "sweeping" and many, many more...You are fully protected against any shareware product you come across and decide to install to your device.

- Cleanup
With features such as a growing Signature File that helps you to easily identify mysterious items, deep code full card search, complete backup and restore, Ignore List, Quick Clean, Spacemaker, expansion card files analyzer and much more. Cleanup makes it a breeze to safely get rid of leftovers, keeps your device running faster and will help you clear up some extra space!

- OnGuard Backup - Included in the NeatFreak Pack PLUS and ULTIMATE
No longer do you have to worry about scheduling or backup sets, you now have real-time backup for your important data! OnGuard Backup gives you the peace of mind that the backups you keep on the expansion card are up-to-the-minute current and quickly available to you if need be. OnGuard Backup integrates with Uninstall Manager to backup monitored and hidden items.

- Northglide Undo - Included in the NeatFreak Pack ULTIMATE
Quickly save and restore your device's critical files and settings. Automatically create multiple restore points before new software installations or use a special shortcut to create restore points from anywhere. Northglide Undo, together with Uninstall Manager, allows you to rollback any changes made to your device and get back to work in no time!

I need this one for myself! Grab it here for $29.99!

BackUp Pro

BackUp Pro version 1.8, by RoGame Software, can protect your data by keeping an up-to-date copy of everything on a memory card (SD, MMC). It does this in a very efficient manner and is extremely fast. To give you complete peace-of-mind it also allows for unattended automatic backups at a pre-determined time of the day. Files can be selectively backed up and restored.


  • free Lite version
  • enhanced for Palm OS 5
  • great interface
  • easy to use
  • unattended backups
  • removal of orphaned files
  • exclusion of files for backup
  • selective restore
  • elaborate file view of backup directory and files in RAM
  • quick toolbar access
  • and much more ...

Get it here for $14.95. (Six month subscription)

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