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Sprint and Handango launches software store

Wed Sep 18, 2002 - 5:17 PM EDT - By Marcus Adolfsson

Sprint and Handango today announced the availability of the PCS Software Store, a mobile software store offering a range of software applications for Palm OS and Pocket PC phones.

PCS Vision customers using PCS Phones such as the Handspring Treo 300 and the Toshiba 2032 as well as existing Palm Powered PCS Phones and Pocket PC devices wirelessly enabled by PCS Connection Cards for laptops and PDAs, can take advantage of the PCS Software Store offerings.

The PCS Software Store offers thousands of applications ranging from robust business software to action-packed games, ringtones, icons, and images. Applications include messaging, security, document viewing, travel, and other personal productivity software. Handspring Treo 300 and Toshiba 2032 users can download software for their Vision-enabled phones and take full advantage of the devices' data functionality, expanded memory, high-resolution, processor and large color screens.

Under the terms of the agreement, Sprint and Handango will provide desktop access to a suite of applications optimized for the Palm and Pocket PC platforms. Additionally, software applications will be available for over-the-air delivery for Vision-enabled smartphones and Pocket PCs. The Palm mobile software store can be accessed at http://sprint.handango.com/palm for catalog browsing and will support over-the-air downloads in an upcoming release.

Both mobile software stores will be made available on the PCS Web PDA homedeck at pda.sprintpcs.com, the default homedeck on Palm and Pocket PC PCS Phones from Sprint. This first-of- its-kind offering in North America facilitates the delivery of mobile applications to users from any PC or laptop with Internet access and anytime, anywhere on the enhanced Sprint Nationwide PCS Network. The two companies will also collaborate together on joint sales opportunities, co-marketing and demand generation activities.

"We're pleased to work with Handango to offer the PCS Software Store to our Vision customers," said Phil Bowman, vice president, business marketing, PCS division, Sprint. "The PCS Software Store provides PCS customers who use Pocket PC and Palm Powered devices with mobile software tools that are entertaining and improve personal efficiency as well as help mobile professionals increase productivity, reduce costs and create a competitive advantage."

"Sprint is a front runner in the wireless industry providing its customers with the tools and applications to enhance the user experience," said Laura Rippy, chief executive officer of Handango. "By combining Handango AMPP with the enhanced Sprint Nationwide PCS Network, together we are providing customers a fast, trusted source to discover and access software anytime, anywhere."

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