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2000mAh Battery Available for Centro

Mon Mar 3, 2008 - 2:50 PM EST - By Jennifer Chappell


The Palm Centro ships with a removable 1150mAh lithium-ion battery. That's probably the right capacity for many Centro owners, but power users would most likely prefer a higher capacity battery.

Palm has a replacement 1150mAh battery for the Centro that costs $49.99. You can get it here for $44.95 when in stock. Until now, we hadn't seen a higher capacity battery available for the Centro. Sprint currently has a 2000mAh extended Centro battery available at the Sprint-Nextel online store for $49.99.This high capacity battery is thicker than the original Palm battery so you'll need to purchase a new battery door. The battery door that Sprint sells only comes in Black and costs $7.99.

Seidio will most likey come out with an extended battery and different colored battery doors for the Centro. I'm sure that when I get my Centro, if it's not a Black Centro, I'll be wanting a battery door that matches the color of my device, not a Black replacement door.

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