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VPN Client with Firewall for Palm Treo 750v

Wed Mar 5, 2008 - 11:46 AM EST - By Jennifer Chappell


I was just reading an article over at TMCnet about a VPN client for the Palm Treo 750v. According to the article, NCP Engineering GmbH, a provider of communications software, has released a universal VPN client that runs on the existing infrastructure of its Secure CE client to allow integration and administration of the Palm Treo 750v. With a VPN (virtual private network), a secure connection is achieved over public lines, e.g. for accessibility by field service personnel to company headquarters via the internet.

From the NCP Secure Communications press release:

“In combination with the VPN client from NCP, the Palm Treo 750v is open for any desired applications. In this way, Palm Treo 750v users can not only open emails and process them, but also access the server, or databases on the local network. And all that with the highest level of security,” explained Wolfgang Weiss, marketing manager at Palm Germany GmbH.

The NCP Secure CE Entry Client and the NCP Secure Enterprise CE Client allow the construction of a VPN tunnel between the Palm Treo 750v and the company's VPN gateway. The secure CE client connects mobile devices with VPN gateways from many manufacturers, using universal IPSec-based VPN software. The NCP Client supports powerful encryption and authentication mechanisms. They are also provided with a personal firewall. The personal firewall works dynamically and enables the specification of defined filter rules, depending on the respective network environment, as well as secure release of network access to public WLANs (hotspots) via the browser. Additionally, the Secure Enterprise CE Client inclines toward central management functions for the administration of mobile terminals. It aligns the configuration of the pocket PC with the security directives on the policy server in the company network.

NCP engineering GmbH has been developing VPN software for high security data transfer over public networks and the Internet since 1986. Today, the company has become a major worldwide technology player in the area of provisioning comprehensive solutions for virtual private networks. NCP solutions have been deployed worldwide successfully for government agencies, financial institutions, and insurance providers, as well as large and medium sized corporations across all industry sectors.

Very nice. You can never have too secure of a connection, especially when working in a big company or government agency. It's good to know that with the VPN client, users can open and use their email and other applications and feel secure.

You can read the full press release here and TMCnet's full article here.

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