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Treo Software Roundup - v031008

Mon Mar 10, 2008 - 12:12 PM EDT - By Neal Martin

Palm OS

In this roundup we have mySchedule MLB 2008, Fastlaunch, Beleaguered Castle, Magic Letters, and updates to Genius, Resco Explorer, Mobiola Video Studio, and Pocket Player.

New Palm OS Software

mySchedule MLB 2008 v1.0.1

mySchedule™ MLB, by Toysoft Development, Inc, is the ultimate scheduler for the Major League Baseball 2008 season. mySchedule includes all 30 team's regular schedules, all 30 team rosters, Player payrolls, Coaches and Staffs. In addition mySchedule includes graphical view of player positions and Game Day games. You can also export any team's schedule to the DateBook or Calendar application with Alarm reminder so you will never miss a game.


  • PalmOS 5.0 high resolution
  • Sony Clie high resolution
  • National and America team break down.
  • National and America team standings.
  • Game Day. Lists all games for the current day
  • Support 4 time zones for the schedule.
  • Selectable month for the schedule.
  • Team rosters
  • Graphically view of players positions
  • Coaches and staff
  • Play payroll
  • Colorful icons.
  • Smart team hint.
  • Intuitive user interface.

I'm not a big baseball fan myself, but my father would love this application!
To be able to keep up with the Cardinal's schedule would make him a happy man.

Baseball fans get it here for $10.00.

Fastlaunch for Treo/Centro

Fastlaunch for Treo/Centro is a new app by Alex Pruss. Fastlaunch lets you quickly launch applications and desk accessories, including popping up one application over another.

  • Fast and simple launcher for Treo/Centro phones.
  • Quickly launch an application (or Desk Accessory) just by holding down the first letter, which gives you a list of all the applications starting with that letter.
  • Pop up an application on top of another application by pressing Option and then holding down the first letter. After the popped up application is finished, you can return to exactly where you were in the original. Normally PalmOS only allows one application to run at once. (Not compatible with all application pairs.)
  • Tap on-screen buttons in some applications just by pressing the first letter of the button.
  • No need for a complicated configuration--just install and turn on to use.
  • Free updates for the life of the product.
  • Includes four free Desk Accessories that you can use with FastLaunch and other Desk Accessory launchers: PrintIt (print screen to compatible tcp/ip network printer), ScreenDumpDA (save screenshot to SD card), NightMode and Reset.

Fastlaunch is available here for $6.95.

Brain Freeze Trivia

Brain Freeze Trivia is a fun trivia game for your Treo or Centro by Rampart Software Development.

Think you're pretty smart? Take on Brain Freeze Trivia for a REAL challenge. Brain Freeze features thousands of questions from six categories: Entertainment, Sports, History, Geography, Science and Animals.

Brain Freeze Trivia is played in three game rounds, you pick the category in Round 1, Brain Freeze picks the category in Round 2, but beware of Round 3, it features questions from every category. Wager on the number of questions you can answer correctly and win bonus points.

Jennifer reviewed this game last week so go check out what she had to say about Brain Freeze Trivia.

Candy Machine v1.0

Handcase has released Candy Machine. This addicting game is a puzzle you need in such a way to congregate three equal candies adjacent of the horizontal line as in the vertical line, the group disappears, placing the new candies or regrouping the ones that continue in the screen. In English. Only for palm colored. Free only for users of the games of Handcase, the GameScore to organize all your moves for any type of game, our game, console, arcade, pc or web.


  • Free only for users of the games of Handcase, the GameScore to organize all your moves for any type of game, our game, console, arcade, pc or web. Candy Machine v1.0

I haven't played Candy Machine, but it sounds like it would be similar to Bejeweled, which I love to play!

Get it here for only $10.00.

Palm OS Updated

Agendus for Palm OS version 12.06

iambic has just released version 12.06 of their popular Agendus for Palm OS.

Agendus for Palm OS version 12 includes powerful journaling capabilities, a personal project manager, all new “at-a-glance” or Card views now more colorfully organized and streamlined, a new Contact View "Photo Dialer" mode, support for attaching items (documents, images, etc.) to meetings, tasks, memos and contacts and standalone alarms, just to name a few.

Version 12.06 is a maintenance release introducing full support for the GSM (AT&T) Palm Centro smartphone. In particular, by upgrading to version 12.06, owners of the GSM based Centro will be able to take advantage of Agendus' contact dialing, emailing and text messaging integration capabilities.

Agendus for Palm OS Standard Edition is available here for $29.95. You can get the Professional Edition for $39.95 and the Premier Edition for $59.95.

Resco Explorer 2008 for Palm OS

Resco Explorer 2008 by Resco has recently been updated to version 4.01.4. Be sure to check out Andre's excellent review which was just posted today!

There are many improvements in version 4.01.4 which can be found here.

Resco Explorer 2008 for Palm OS is available here for $29.95.

Aces Blackjack™ v1.0.1

Aces Blackjack™, by Concrete Software Inc, is a classic blackjack game with a few twists. Play classic style blackjack and use the included reference card to improve your game or kick it up a notch and play one of the two high score games - Aces Time Crunch and Aces Hand Challenge!


  • Play up to 10 decks at a time.
  • Aces Time Crunch: High score race against the clock!
  • Aces Hand Challenge: Every play counts against a set number of hands.
  • Cut card indicating how much of deck has been dealt.
  • Game and career statistics.
  • 4 game speeds.
  • Set the table limits.
  • Split up to 3 hands.
  • Dealer Insurance option.
  • Automatic save.

Sounds like an interesting twist on Black Jack :)

Get it here for $14.99.

Mozart v3.7

Mozart Mozart, by RoGame Software, is a program designed to aid in the process of learning how to read music. It does that in form of a game. Once the game is started via the toolbar or menu a stream of whole notes comes streaming from the right side of the screen. These notes have to be named in the order of their appearance with the current input instrument (i.e. piano). Once a note gets too close to the clef on the left side of the screen it disappears in a cloud of vapor and the player loses one life. For each note named in time the player gets one point or more depending on level. The further the game progresses the more notes will appear in this steady stream and their range will widen to potentially include many ledger lines above and below the staff. Once a player has depleted all his lives the game is over and he might receive a high score.

With version 3.0 Mozart can use new sound modules from RoGame Software. These are part of a sound library that will be made available in other music education titles as well. The game includes a Grand Piano module that sounds very realistic. Palm OS 5.x is needed for playback of these new sound modules and playback is asynchronous on many devices like the newer Treos, which makes for a very realistic game experience.

Over the years also many music professionals have used Mozart mainly to improve the reading of unfamiliar keys. Version 3.0 adds key signatures which makes Mozart an even more valuable tool for the student as well as for the professional. A real boon, however, is the option to have the notes of the current key signature highlighted graphically in the current instrument.

Another new feature in Mozart 3.0 are ranges. This concept has been implemented very broadly and allows for different ranges in every clef and instrument. By allowing the student to adjust the range of notes that can appear in a practicing session games can be better targeted towards specific weaknesses.

Previous users of Mozart will find many more new features in version 3.0 than can be described here, so, get the demo and give it a spin.

Mozart is available by itself and as part of Music Bundle and Music Bundle Pro

German version available


  • Sound modules for realistic sounding instruments
  • Toolbar interface
  • Customizable notation view
  • Live play mode in all instruments
  • All major and minor key signatures
  • Parallel major/minor switch
  • New instrument controls
  • Added instrument bass
  • Repeatable session
  • Sessions wizard to configure key and range of training sessions
  • Movable Do for Solfege exercises
  • Switch between Ti or Si
  • New full screen interface
  • Updated for new Palm handhelds

Musicians, get it here for $24.95.

Mobiola Video Studio Pro v2.1.29

Warelex LLC has released version 2.1.29 of their Mobiola Video Studio Pro.

Universal video converter with free player. Get videos or groups of videos (from YouTube/DVD/hard drive) to your phone with a single drag and drop mouse move! Blazing fast performance, excellent quality, automatic settings plus great flexibility (only in Pro) with manual configuration.

Supported formats:
avi, 3gp, mov, mpeg, mpg, mjpeg, mp4, mg2, mve, m4v, mkv, flv, smk, str, vob, rm, fli, flc, wve, uv2, wmv, 3g2, asf, m4a

Trial version lasts 15 conversions


  • Converts DVD, YouTube, Google Video, video files (majority of formats), groups of files or folders with files to the BEST video format played by your device (automatic settings)
  • ONLY IN PRO - flexible output format
  • Unique DRAG AND DROP to device functionality of DVDs, files and folders or videos from the browser (YouTube, Google Video)
  • LANGUAGE selection functionality for DVD
  • SUBTITLE support for most languages for DVD
  • QUEUE OF JOBS, do not wait until previous conversion is done, just drag and drop new videos
  • DRAG AND DROP/convert to PC also works
  • AUTOMATIC DISCOVERY of the mobile device and device model
  • REMOTE FILE MANAGEMENT functionality

This program sounds quite comprehensive and complete

Get it here for $29.95.

Genius! v1.5

Instant Access to Answers on the Web...

Hobbyist Software has updated its Genius! to version 1.5. Genius! Makes accessing information on the Web faster and simpler. Comparison Shopping, Information, Translation; Type your search and go straight to the answer.

100% Guarantee: If for any reason you don't think Genius! is fantastic - I will give you a 100% refund.
Have you ever been in a shop and wondered if something is really a bargain?
Just enter a product code, title, ISBN or brand, select a shopping comparison and go directly to a webpage with your product already showing !

Have you ever needed to prove you're right? (or not known the answer!)
Type your question, and select Google or Answers.com, then go directly to a webpage with your answer already showing !

Translation, Stock Quotes, Weather, Software, Directions, Local Info, and Flexible Plugins to give you even more ...
Genius! gives you the fastest access to mobile-optimised sites. Comes with top sites built in and Flexible plugins allow you to add any website you like - and go straight to the answer

  • Integrates with Find Key
  • Launches you straight to the answer page on the internet
  • Top internet mobile-friendly sites built in
  • Flexible plugins allow you to add new information sources
  • Remembers your searches
  • Saves you time and money

Get it here for only $9.95, and remember, the author guarantees a 100% refund if you're not satisfied!

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