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The Wait for Black AT&T Centro Continues

Mon Mar 24, 2008 - 6:38 PM EDT - By Jennifer Chappell

Where's that Black already?

Update: I just read a post by member brf in the TC Centro forums that had a link to an Engadget Mobile article. Engadget has just received a fresh round of release dates on AT&T, and they're speculating that the Black Centro, along with the Motorola Z9 should be widely available pretty much any minute now. Any minute? Well, I'm sure ready! Tick Tock....

We know that there's going to be a Black (Obsidian) GSM Centro coming from AT&T, but we just don't know when. The White Centro look nice, well "great" actually. I've been to my local AT&T store and fondled one. I found the Centro to be really small and cute as can be! I love the size and it feels just right in your hand. I tested the keyboard and I had no trouble at all tying on the soft, rubbery keys. I used the tips of my thumbnails and tying went pretty smooth. Like I said, the White looks great, but not everyone wants a white phone. Many people are still eagerly awaiting the Black model to arrive.

I check AT&T's site several times a day to see if the Black Centro has popped up over there. But so far, all I see is the "Glacier" White. I also check Palm's website each day. Plus I read the TreoCentral "Centro" forum threads. My favorite thread over there at the moment is the "ATT Obsidian Black Availability" thread started by forum member dvkim. On March 14th, dvkim posted this:

I spoke with my connection at a corporate store today, and was told they just had a meeting on the Centro this morning, and that a rough estimate would be the end of March, or first week of April. Lets see how accurate this is.

Forum member Mark Bergman posted this today:

My ATT sources continue to tell me that the black model is now late and that they have received no updates and, therefore, expect it any day. Their advice; check the ATT site daily (as I've been doing). I now have a rep who has promised to call or e-mail as soon as she sees the phone available. Apparently she has been watching for it for herself so I have someone motivated watching.

And forum member malstorme posted this today:

There are (or at least were last night) a couple of AT&T branded black Centro's for sale on E-bay. They were offered "Hasn't been released..." etc, so I figure they've at least been shipped to SOME stores...

Hmmm, very interesting. So it would seem that at least some have been shipped out because someone sure has some to sale, even if it's on ebay for now. You can get the ebay sale link from the above post in the forums. I wonder how long it'll take before that one gets sold? Or how long it'll be before more of them show up on ebay? But I really want to know is when AT&T will have them available!

Some people can't seem to wait and are buying the Black Centro online from Expansys in the UK. And of course some people have bought the White Centro from AT&T because they just couldn't wait for the Black. Fellow writer Neal just bought his White Centro from AT&T but plans to switch it out for a Black one if the Black model comes out before 30 days. I'm sure many of you are doing the same. I hope it won't be too much longer! ;-)

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