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Treo Software Roundup - v041108

Fri Apr 11, 2008 - 9:29 AM EDT - By Neal Martin

Palm OS Treo Software

Welcome to this week's edition of Treo Software Roundup! The popular program Agendus has been updated again. There's a new program called TopGuardEx to help you get the best out of your Treo's keyguard. Go on an adventure with Saeed in Golden Skull and help him repay his debt. Read on for more new and updated Palm OS and WM Treo apps...

Palm OS New:


PalmBuzzer, by MetaViewSoft, brings fun to boring meetings, entertains your kids and converts your Palm into a cheap sound machine.

How to use it:

Copy WAV sound files to your SD card. The default theme is stored at /PALM/Programs/PalmBuzzer/ Additional themes are stored in subfolders on this path.

Name the WAV sound files using the following rules:

  • Hard1.wav to Hard4.wav for the 4 hardware buttons
  • Test1.wav to Test16.wav for the 16 onscreen buttons
  • Letter_a.wav to Letter_z.wav for the letters (Graffiti or Keyboard)
  • Number_0.wav to Number_9.wav for the numbers (Graffiti or Keyboard)
  • Space.wav for the space key

If you enable 'Kids mode' you can exit the app using the pull down menu only.

Grab it here for $5.00.

TopGuardEx v1.0

Get the most out of your Treo's Keyguard, use TopGuardEx! by RNS::

Powerful extensions for the Keyguard on every Treo and Centro smartphone:

  • Bluetooth, phone signal, and battery level indicators
    -access these important Treo indicators over any application!
  • Enhanced Keyguard option
    -prevents hard buttons from powering on your Treo - now only the power switch does!
  • Automatically disable Keyguard when plugged in
    -Keyguard is useful in your pocket, but why use it on your desktop?
  • And only for Treo 600 and Treo 650:
    -Clock on Keyguard
    • these older Treo models did not originally display time on the Keyguard!


  • Bluetooth indicator on Keyguard
  • phone signal indicator on Keyguard
  • battery level indicator on Keyguard
  • Enhanced Keyguard
  • disable Keyguard when plugged in
  • clock on Keyguard

Grab it here for $9.95.

Golden Skull - Saeed's Adventures v1.00

"My name is Saeed. Till recently, I was a university student majoring in archaeology. I like archaeology a lot, but the perspective of becoming a scientist and getting buried under a pile of ancient books did not please me.
Half a year ago, I discovered in myself the talent of a great poker player. I got involved into playing money, and I’m telling you I was not bad at that. A month ago I participated in a large private tournament; the stakes were high, and I had to borrow a large amount...
I’ve lost the game...
I don’t have the money to repay the debt.
All my friends turned their backs on me, and I have no chance to return the money...
If I don’t repay the debt, I have only a week to live.
Today I got a phone call. That was my professor William Wates from the university wondering if we could meet..."

Golden Skull, by DeluxeWare, is a puzzle adventure game that will take you on an unforgettable journey through the undiscovered Mayas pyramids and long forgotten ruins.

Featuring amazing graphics, and an entertaining story mode, Golden Skull delivers challenging gameplay with unbelievable production value. It’s a puzzle adventure game the whole family will enjoy.


  • Full screen support in both 480x320 and 320x480 modes for all compatible devices
  • Digital sound effects
  • Visual effects and fun animations
  • Square screen support in 320x320
  • Excellent 16 bit graphics
  • 5-way navigator support

Won't you PLEASE help poor Saeed??

Get it here for $19.95.

Rays of Light – Selected Sayings of The Mother Hi Res v1.0

How can I find a purpose in my life?
Does God Exist?

Trying to explore the spiritual side of life? Rays of Light, by Mobifusion Inc., can help you. Composed out of short meditations, it can help you to think about life and its purpose.
The deeply philosophical meditations will help readers find enlightenment and peace of mind. Composed out of short meditations, Rays of Light can help you discover the true meaning of life and its purpose.

The content of the book includes information on the following important spiritual topics:


  • ­ Introduction
  • ­ Man's Relationship With the Divine
  • ­ The Path of Yoga
  • ­ Bases of Yoga
  • ­ Circumstances, Difficulties, Mistakes
  • ­ Weaknesses of human nature
  • ­ Human relationships
  • ­ Work
  • ­ Illness and health
  • ­ Parts of the being
  • ­ Time, progress, transformation
  • ­ Religion, government, human unity
  • ­ Including sub topics such as fear, depression, marriage, aim of life, meditation, faith, Devotion, worry, difficulties in work , illness, The Heart and The Mind.

A few lines from the text are as follows:
­ To keep constantly a concentrated and ingathered attitude is more important than having fixed hours of meditation.
­ Leave all care to the Divine's Grace, including your progress, and you will be in peace.
­ Cheer up, all will be all right, if we know how to last and endure.

Looking for that inner peace? Then...

Get it here for just $2.95.

TopSignalOnKeyguard v1.0

Some applications on your Treo or Centro display special indicators in the top-right corner of the screen...
...but some don't!

Now you can see these indicators in every application!
TopSignalOnKeyguard, by RNS::, adds phone range/signal and the battery level indicator to the Keyguard's screen.


  • phone signal indicator on Keyguard
  • battery level indicator on Keyguard

Requires a Treo or Centro smartphone.

Get it here for a mere $4.95.

Palm OS updated:

Agendus for Palm OS version 12.07

iambic has just released version 12.07 of their popular Agendus for Palm OS.

Agendus for Palm OS is a comprehensive personal productivity booster that can be customized to work the way you do. Plus, it is smart enough, thanks to our new auto learning technology, to adapt how it interacts with you based on actions performed during previous sessions.

Since 1996, Agendus for Palm OS has been making a name for itself -- racking up awards and receiving glowing reviews. The number of new users joining the established Agendus community continues to grow on the Palm OS side and on the recently introduced Windows Mobile side.

Agendus for Palm OS version 12 includes powerful journaling capabilities, a personal project manager, all new “at-a-glance” or Card views now more colorfully organized and streamlined, a new Contact View "Photo Dialer" mode, support for attaching items (documents, images, etc.) to meetings, tasks, memos and contacts and standalone alarms, just to name a few.

Version 12.06 was a maintenance release introducing full support for the GSM (AT&T) Palm Centro smartphone. In particular, by upgrading to version 12.06, owners of the GSM based Centro will be able to take advantage of Agendus' contact dialing, emailing and text messaging integration capabilities. Version 12.07 addresses the following issues:

Improvements in version 12.07

  • Resolved a stability issue occurring when attempting to create a new Daily Journal entry while viewing an existing Daily Journal entry in Card mode
  • Corrected the absence of a repeat confirmation dialog when changing the attendance status of an attendee on the card view of a repeat meeting
  • Projects: Corrected the wrong record being opened when selecting a Meeting, Task or Call from Projects view
  • Vivid Agenda: Addressed an issue occurring in specific instances that would assign extraneous categories to events which qualified for a Vivid Agenda rule with certain category settings
  • Corrected the first Favorite button in the Treo/Centro Phone application being unexpectedly deleted following the deletion of a contact in Agendus
  • Corrected the auto-fill in the contact field of a new event not exposing a contact which was created in the native Palm contacts application
  • Addressed the New Alarm edit dialog not observing International date/time formats when the system was set as such

Get it here for $39.95.

SilkScreen v3.7.8

RoGame Software has updated its Silkscreen to version 3.7.8.

SilkScreen lets you perform all of the functions normally associated with the bottom part of a Palm device - the silkscreen - in the main display area. It also serves as an application launcher and has several other useful features like Virtual Graffiti, so that you can write in the main display area of the display.

It does this in a unique manner by reserving small programmable tap areas at the corners and sides of the display screen and thus is immensely useful for devices with either collapsable Graffiti areas like the Tungsten series and devices without such an area like the Treo600. In each of the four corners are tiny quadratic areas that emulate the usual four silkscreen buttons.

They are arranged in the exact same order and have a button closely nearby. The buttons allow to globally enable or disable the tap areas and appear in a darker shade to indicate that a corner area is active. Activated areas are functional in any application. At the bottom of the screen are two lengthy tap areas that serve a different purpose.

The left one triggers a menu of all applications found on the device including those on cards. To launch an application just tap this area and take your pick. The tap area to the right of the applications bar is used to access the keybords, brightness and the Clock application. In addition there are also several shortcuts and battery status. Give it a shot - you'll love it.


  • Full access to home, menu, favorites and find buttons
  • Launch Applications or DAs from the corners of your screen or via hard keys
  • Full access to alpha and numeric keyboards, Brightness and Clock
  • Virtual Graffiti on main display
  • CrossOver functionality with Virtual Graffiti
  • Access to Card Info, Prefs, and more
  • Battery status
  • Configurable to exclude any applications
  • Fast and reliable.

This sounds like a very nice program!

Get it here for $16.95.

PhoneSwitch Deluxe v1.3

PhoneSwitch Deluxe, by BoraWare, has recently been updated to version 1.3.

PhoneSwitch is a simple utility that redirects your Palm OS based smartphone when it is hung up. Redirect to either a preset application or have it switch to the last program you were using. Quit landing in the phone program when you dialed from a different launcher. Stop reloading the web site you were reading just because a call came in. Let PhoneSwitch handle everything.

PhoneSwitch Deluxe also offers advanced options such as: an exclude list that allows you to exclude a program from being switched to after a call, an option to only launch the specified app if the call is incoming, and the option of resetting the set app to a preset one after a set amount of time.


    Redirect when phone is hung up Exclude programs to not switch to Choose to only launch on incoming calls Choose to reset set app after preset time

Having myself been switched from a running program to an incoming call and not being returned to my program afterwards, this program sounds like a nifty little utility to have!

Grab it here for $8.00.

Pool Deluxe v1.45

Pool Deluxe, by DeluxeWare, has been updated to version 1.45. Pool Deluxe features great 3D graphics, realistic physics, intuitive controls and smooth gameplay guaranteeing many hours of fun and pleasure.
Master the game with practice mode or jump straight in and play 8-ball , 9-ball and other pool variants against your friends or variety of computer opponents, plus challenge modes.
Complete with a choice of different table designs and a game modes there's plenty to keep you occupied and addicted!


  • Play 8-Ball and 9-Ball against the computer or a human opponent
  • Hi-res and Hi-Res (landscape fullscreen mode) devices support
  • True physics, with realistic ball rotations and spins
  • Realistic sound effects and 3 different background music
  • 3 types of play : Quick play, Career, Tournament
  • Customized visual effects and animations
  • 6 different levels of palm-opponents
  • Precise cue adjustment control
  • Choice of different table designs
  • Advanced game settings
  • Excellent 16 bit graphics
  • Realtime rendered shadows
  • 32 opponents players
  • 5-way navigator support
  • 1-player practice mode
  • Resume previous hits
  • User-friendly interface
  • Statistics
  • Game tips

In a review I recently did of Virtual Pool Mobile, I found that pool on my mobile device can indeed be fun! I'm betting Pool Deluxe v1.45 would be another great renditon of the game!

Get it here for $24.95 and Rack'em Up!!

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