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Track data usage with KBTracker

Sun Oct 13, 2002 - 11:05 AM EDT - By Michael Ducker

KBTracker will keep an exact count of all data used in a Sprint Vision data or GPRS connection, and will warn you when you reach 15% of your monthly limit. KBTracker costs $5.95 and is available now. Combined with Cell Plan Tracker, Treo users can now know both exactly how many minutes and how much data they have used.

PDAapps also recently released Treo300SMS - a utility that enables two-way SMS through the Treo 300. More details can be found here. Treo300SMS costs $19.95.

I did have an opportunity to work with a beta of Treo300SMS when I had a review unit of the Treo 300 (will be posted soon, I promise). And it worked as advertised, bringing back some of the SMS functionality that I had missed for so long.

PDAapps also has some other useful Treo utilities such as a picture caller ID, and a program that enables "nagging" on alerts like new Voice mail or SMS.

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