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Smartphones in short supply?

Mon Apr 21, 2008 - 5:01 PM EDT - By Dan Nimtz

Larry Dignan of ZDNet, in a recent blog article, raises the question - what's up with all of the out of stock instances of smartphones? He states that Palm, RIM and Apple are all reporting certain out of stock instances.

Many believe that these shortages are likely related to upcoming new models, but shortages of existing models affect the sales (at least in the short term) for these companies. It could also be that manufacturers are keeping tighter controls over their inventory during tough times.

Sprint's website has had limited availability for the last few weeks. Contrary to previous stories, the 755p is still available, but typically out of stock. And this for a model that has sold well in the past.

AT&T appears to be sold out of the 680 as well, but the Centro is probably the key reason for that.

Palm's Centro is selling widely, but it's bargain basement price of $99 has to have an affect on Palm's profits.

AT&T has had shortages of Pearls since mid-March in it's retail channels, and the 8120 seems to be available in the business channel only until late March or mid May.

Apple's stores are reported to have shortages of iPhones as well. Most believe due to upcoming new products.

So tell us, have you experienced problems obtaining these or similar smartphones?

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