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SkinUI now freeware

Tue Apr 22, 2008 - 6:51 PM EDT - By Dan Nimtz

Dmitry Grinberg of PalmPowerups fame, author of many great software titles, announces that the great Palm skinning utility - SkinUI v2.2.0.0, is now freeware.

I've used SkinUI on my Palm Treos and Centro in the past. It provides a very nice, stable way of customizing the look and feel of your device. There are a bunch of skins available from the PalmPowerups website, 1src, and others (just Google "SkinUI skins").

Dmitry says:

SkinUI is now freeware, as a little treat to all you guys. You’ve supported me and my programming for five years now, and I only hope that you enjoyed this time at least as much as I did. Thanks.
This is a sort of a farewall post, just a bit ahead of its time. nuRom for LifeDrive is done and SDHC driver for Palms will be my last official project. I will, of course, continue to fix and update old projects, but unless something changes dramatically do not forsee many new ones. I’ve done all I wanted, and I’ve had plenty of fun along the way.
Long Live PalmOS!

Time to check it out again, and load up some new skins.

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