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PDAmill Game Studios Giving Away Palm OS Games for Free

Sat Apr 26, 2008 - 8:24 PM EDT - By Jennifer Chappell


I just spotted a bit of interesting news over at Palm Addicts: PDAmill Game Studios stopped developing games for the Palm OS platform back in February of 2007. You can get their games for FREE for your Palm OS Treo/Centro. Hopefully the games will work on your smartphone.

From PDAmill's website:

Several years ago, we developed many of our great titles for the Palm OS platform. However, in February of 2007 the decision to stop development for the Palm platform was made and our products were then discontinued.
Until now, all of these titles were only available to customers who had purchased the games in the past. Due to an incredibly high demand, we have now released all of our past Palm titles for FREE!

It always makes me sad to hear about another company that has stopped developing for the Palm OS platform. It's not all that surprising since the Palm OS has pretty much run its course, but it's still sad. And just another reason to hope and pray that Palm knocks our socks off withtheir new, upcoming Palm Linux platform, Nova. I can't wait!

I have no idea if these games will work on a Treo or Centro as I've never tried any of them. You could also try them on a Palm PDA.

The PDAmill website makes sure to tell you to be advised that the games come with no warranty, no support, and may well not work on your device, and go on to suggest that is the very reason they discontinued development for the Palm OS platform. Ouch!

So download the games at your own risk. If you have any trouble with them, don't contact support because you won't receive a reply.

Heck, I feel brave this evening. I'll give one of the games a whirl on my Treo 680 since I've been using it this weekend. I've been in the mood for a Mahjong like game, so GameBox Asia is looking pretty good about now. Wish me luck! *slight pause*.......

..... aaaand I'm back! So, I just downloaded GameBox Asia on my Copper beauty and the game is working like a charm so far. Nice graphics, sound effects, and pleasing music. I love the wooden clacking sound of the tiles when they're chosen, matched up, and disappear! There are a crapload of layouts to choose from! The tiles are a bit small on the Treo's little screen but I can see them. I'll have to get out the ole reading glasses when wearing my contact lenses though because my up close vision is horrible with the contacts in.

Well, good luck to any of you who wish to download some of the PDAmill Free games! You can get them here. Have fun! ;-)

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