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NoviiRemote Now Compatible with Palm Centro

Tue Apr 29, 2008 - 5:24 PM EDT - By Jennifer Chappell

NoviiMedia, software developers for handheld computers, announced back on April 14th that their NoviiRemote Deluxe was compatible with the Palm Centro.

Today NoviiMedia announced their latest invention, the NoviiRemote Lite for Treos, Palm Centro and Palm PDAs. This new NoviiRemote software boasts all the great features of the NoviiRemote solutions: simple installation, navigational tips, pre-installed infrared codes and an increased infrared range. But the Lite uses less memory than previous NoviiRemote Classic version while still providing enough juice to operate all of your home theatre equipment.

In addition, the NoviiRemote Lite offers hard button programming with 16 predefined button layouts plus any that you may have created with the NoviiRemote Deluxe. If the infrared code for a specific piece of equipment is not already in the Lite, Novii’s download center will provide it for you.

NoviiRemote Lite is available for purchase from NoviiMedia's website for $24.99. To test a free trial version of NoviiRemote Lite, visit the NoviiMedia website. Additional details and upgrade information are available at this web address.

I've heard of NoviiRemote for years but have never tried it. I think I'll give this new Lite version a whirl on my new Centro!

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