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Sprint Discontinuing Broadband Direct

Mon May 19, 2008 - 6:01 PM EDT - By Jennifer Chappell

Update: I just received the following press release in my email regarding the Sprint Broadband Direct:

Webhiway Communications (www.webhiway.com) a wireless communications provider based in Tucson, AZ announced that they will be buying Sprint Wireless Broadband Direct equipment from former sprint wireless broadband subscribers.
Sprint Communications is informing their customers that they will be turning off their wireless broadband direct Internet service on July 31, 2008.
Webhiway will purchase the equipment for $20 or give customers a $50 credit on the installation of Webhiway wireless broadband service, providing they live in a Webhiway service area. Webhiway Communications operates high speed wireless networks in Arizona and Utah and is expanding its networks to include other market areas.

One of our readers, James, wrote in today and told us about reading over at Engadget that Sprint is discontinuing its Broadband Direct service.

Sprint will be discontinuing its Broadband Direct high-speed Internet service on July 31. Sprint offered the service in a limited number of cities, and it hadn't been marketed for several years.

According to Engadget, Sprint's telling customers it's shutting the service down "as the result of a recent FCC action".

And speaking of Sprint, our TreoCentral forums has a thread going entitled, Get your Sprint SERO Plan Soon! which was started by forum member ScaryHumor. The thread has quotes from an article about Sprint from Bloomberg.com:

"lost more than a million customers last quarter, said it may sell some assets after its net loss swelled to $505 million...."
"...Chief Executive Officer Dan Hesse, 54, is firing 4,000 workers, closing outlets and discounting wireless phone plans after the stock lost more than half its value in the past year. Sprint had a $29.2 billion loss in the fourth quarter"
"He also plans to close about 125 of Sprint's company-owned stores"

Sheesh, Sprint isn't looking so good these days. I'm not with Sprint, but if I were, I'd be getting a SERO plan soon too!

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