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More Silly Season Fun: Treo 850 (GSM) Pics Appear

Wed May 21, 2008 - 11:21 AM EDT - By Jennifer Chappell

Lookin' Good

WooHoo, check out these two pics of the GSM Treo 850 that BGR got a hold of. Very nice! I just saw them via WMExperts and had to quickly pull up my drool bucket. ;-) The second pic is the 850 compared with the BlackBerry 8800.

Dieter had predicted awhile back that the Treo 750 would be replaced by this device, AKA the Palm Drucker. The 850 will probably come out on Vodafone this summer.

From the pics, the 850 looks to be a very classy device. It reminds me a little of the Centro, but wider. I agree with those in the forums who are saying that the 850 looks better than the 800w. The glossy black looks great and the device appears to be nice and thin. The Send and End buttons are different and sort of cool looking.

As for the specs, Malatesta says:

The only specs known so far are it that is 100mb of RAM (post OS, like the 800w--so 128mb stock) and a 400mhz processor. Also, it's sporting the Centro-style soft keyboard, has two-shift keys (ahem!!!) and what looks to be a Wifi button on the side. Natch.

Looks like Palm is going with the Centro look lately, which is probably a good idea seeing as how well the Centro has sold. I know that the lower price made it sell great but looks go a long way too. I love the form factor and wouldn't have bought a Centro if I didn't like the way it looked.

Let the leaked pics keep on comin'! We'll put them up as soon as we see them!

Thanks to forum member Phil750 for spotting the pics and starting the thread!

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