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Charm Your Centro

Fri May 23, 2008 - 5:42 AM EDT - By Jennifer Chappell

Some Centro Bling

The Palm Centro comes equipped with a neat little lanyard post. I've never had a phone before that has one of these, and it's a nice little addition. You can attach a lanyard to the post and have a new way to carry your Centro. The Centro's body is a little on the slippery side so carrying your device attached to a lanyard, with the lanyard wrapped securely around your hand or wrist, would ensure that you don't drop your Centro. Be sure to read Jay's review on the Mobi Products Wrist Lanyard ($4.95).

The lanyard post can also be used to attach some charms to your Centro. This is a fun way of spiffing up your Centro and collecting charms. I know lots of people who collect charms and continuously get more and more of them to add to bracelets and necklaces. Charms for the Centro are lightweight and come on short, 2" long cords, so they don't add much weight at all.

The TreoCentral store has 10 or 11 different charms to choose from for your Centro. The charms come in various colors too so you have your choice of trying to match the charm color with the color of your Centro. I figure that any of the colors would go well with any color Centro though actually.

I got 3 different charms to look at for this article. My Centro is Black so of course I think any color goes with Black. All three of the charms I got have black cords so there's no clashing there.

Attaching the cords to the lanyard post is pretty easy. Hey, if I can do it, anyone can.heehee! I just squinched up the end of the cord and stuck it into one end of the lanyard post opening. Then I took the end of a bent paper clip and and pulled the end through. You can also use a needle, toothpick, or other sharp object. Then you just loop the cord around the charm and you're all set.

Packaging and Design

The Mobi Products charms came in simple, small plastic pouches that reseal. The Palm charm came in a longer and more narrow plastic bag with a orange Palm paper behind it. All three baggies were a cinch to open.

Two of the charms I got are Mobi Products charms so we'll look at those first. My favorite of these two is the Mobi Products Heart with Small Star. This charm comes in Zirconium or Blue and costs $6.95. I chose the Blue color and it's very pretty, and of course sparkly. The charm doesn't even register on my digital scale so it's very lightweight. The heart is silver and has lovely light blue stones in it. The heart doesn't close and there is a dark blue moon on one end and a dark blue star on the other end of the heart, with the moon and start facing each other. Very nice.

The other Mobi Products charm I got is the Mobi Products Star Charm for Centro, which sells for $5.95. The Star Charm comes in three colors, Black/White, Pink/Pink, and Purple/Purple. I love Purple so I chose the Purple one. This charm is a silver-edged star with light purple inside the outer border and dark purple in the center. There is a smaller, star connected to the large one and this one has dark purple stones in it, that look like amethysts. The Star Charm is also very lightweight. As the TreoCentral store description of each charms says, you can attach the charm (or 2 or 3!) to your Smartphone, ipods, mp3 players, wallets, or purse. There's no limit where you can place them!

The third charm that I got is the Palm Silver Heart Charm, which sells for $6.95. This one is temporarily sold out at the moment.

I have to say that the Palm charm is my favorite so far. This charm is a silver-plated heart with a hollow steel core. It's simple, yet beautiful with a silvery mirror shine. It has a little heft to it, but only weighs in at .04 ounces on my digital scale. You can definitely tell it's hanging on the Centro. The charm doesn't dangle down very far, a couple of inches, but this might be bothersome for some.

Boyhowdy, I'm suddenly craving some Lucky Charms cereal after all that talk about hearts and stars and moons! What the heck, it is about breakfast time here anyway.

I can probably see myself carrying my Centro with the Palm heart charm attached more so than with some of the other charms. The other charms seem more geared towards teens. Teen girls, that is. Although a girl, I'm definitely not a teenager anymore. So the heart charm being simple seems more suited for my Centro. I don't care to go with too much bling. ;-)

I'm not sure what the guys out there would think of these charms. I don't really see any that would actually be geared towards males. Of course I'm not a man, but I'm pretty positive that my husband wouldn't even think about attaching a charm to his phone. In fact, I just now went and showed him my charms (Hey now, you know what I mean!) and showed him the other choices in the store. And as I guessed, he replied, "No way!". He only wears a watch and his wedding band, period. No other jewelry. That's why I figured he wouldn't be interested in any sort of charms.

However, I wonder if men would be interested if the store stocked some charms like tiny footballs, baseballs, soccer balls, etc. And other charms such as a tiny pair of dice, a small Ace of Spades, an Iron Cross, a St. Christopher medal charm. I sort of "think" they would be interested in those types of charms. I could be wrong of course. Heck, maybe even my husband would go for a little Tarheel basketball as a charm. My Mom got me a cute little charm for my old cell phone a few years ago. It has a dice, a green four leaf clover, and a silver horse shoe hanging on it. I have it hanging on my calendar nail in my office.

Anyway, here are some of the other charms available in the TreoCentral Store. They're all cute, lightweight and inexpensive, so check them out! Go on, "charm" your Centro!

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