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Palm Slip Pouch with Lanyard for Centro

Mon May 26, 2008 - 12:36 AM EDT - By Jay Gross


Count on Palm to bring out the neatest leather Centro tote-around case. Their new, well made, and convenient Slip Pouch does a great job of protecting its charge while keeping it instantly accessible in the event of incoming text or call.

The ever expanding world of Centro protection offers a vast array of pocket pouches, including the extensively colorful Golla line. The Slip Pouch is a tighter, almost fitted approach that leaves the Centro more retrievable, but offers a similar level of protection from objects that hang out in pockets, purses, and pouches. Not to even mention briefcases.

Palm generally does a great job with their cases, and the Slip Pouch for Centro is a good example. It shows off the skillful selection of materials and quality construction that I’ve often reported in these columns for Palm brand cases. I could do without most of the brown stitching on the front panel, though. It serves no purpose that I can discern, and it doesn’t set my eyes aglitter for its cosmetic properties, either.

Overall, the manufacturing quality is excellent. The stitching, much as I frown at it, is straight and even, and the seams are flawless. The case is light weight, too, only 1.3 ounces (37 grams), including the lanyard.


One thing you give up in pouch style cases is device accessibility. While the Centro is in the pouch, you can’t do much with it, except maybe take calls and listen to music with a Bluetooth headset or hands-free device. The Slip Pouch’s open top design gives you a couple more options. For one thing, you can slip the Centro into it upside down, leaving the charge and earphone connectors open for use, so your wired headset will have unfettered access to its connector. Actually, it works the normal way, too. The wire for my fabulously inexpensive ($4.95!) Jabra earbud has a thoughtfully right-angled connector that nicely accommodates slipping the Centro into the Slip Case with the deadest connected. It’s not necessary to thread the wire through the opening at the bottom of the case. Works for me, anyway.

The included lanyard echoes the color scheme, which would probably coordinate better with the black or white Centros, or perhaps some other color not yet shipped by carriers not yet known. The lanyard can attach Centro itself or, as you can see in my pictures, to a little ring on the back of the case.


The reason you want a pouch, a case, or anything else, is protection. Okay, besides fabulous looks, I mean. Palm’s Slip Pouch does the job well, and looks good doing it. Its padded leather covers will take a great deal of abuse from keys, coins, combs, and any other objects in your pocket, purse, or book bag – abuse that might otherwise be directed at your Centro.

The pouch’s sides aren’t as well protected, and the end that sticks out the top of the case, well, that remains open. Overall, however, it’s a good plan. The amount of surface area that’s left exposed stays small.

The Slip Pouch notwithstanding, any splashing risks damage, and dunking is out of the question. You probably won’t have too much problem in a rainstorm, however, especially if you store the Centro in your pocket, stash it in a book bag or purse, or flip it upside down so the falling drops don’t land on the Slip Case’s open end.

As for a drop, a short fall onto a down pillow might be okay, and the Slip Case looks like it would easily add enough padding to raise the bar considerably. I don’t recommend dropping the Centro or any other smartphone, and I’m not about to test on my Centro!

The little logo-bearing tab you see in my pictures is a soft, leather “fob” that the promo copy touts as a screen wiper. It works, but I suggest using tissues, instead. They’re softer.


Nicely designed, and equipped with a matching lanyard, Palm’s Leather Slip Case for Centro offers good protection, instant access, and a great look.

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Design 5
Usability 5
Protection 4
Cost/Benefit 4
(not an average)
  • Supple, elegant Nappa leather body
  • Small, snug, and light weight
  • Matching lanyard with color trim
  • Soft, suede-like interior
  • Cons
  • Open top leaves Centro slightly exposed
  • Contrast stitching is a little much

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