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iPhone Version 2 Poised to Strike

Wed May 28, 2008 - 2:31 PM EDT - By Jay Gross

Lately, rumors have been so plentiful about a new 3G iPhone from Apple in June (maybe) that the venerable New York Times has published a summary of what is known, not known, and in between.

The new so-called 3G iPhone, which some reports say has already been manufactured in large quantities and shipped to the U.S., boasts (or not) a new round of Palm-killing features, including compatibility with the faster "3-G" networks.

Apple inflicted the iPhone on the world last June. Lately, sales have declined to a mere 600,000 per month, according to the Times article, aptly titled "The Guessing Game Has Begun..." The Times' John Markoff does a great job of summarizing the facts, the rumors, and some of the rampant conjecture. There's even a section on the likely problems that the new device will face.

What's this report doing on a Palm-centric website? Keeping up with the competition. I hope.

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