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Golla Calla Pink Pouch

Thu May 29, 2008 - 5:55 AM EDT - By Brian Hart


If you told me that there would come a time that I would wait anxiously and hopefully for a pink pouch for my Centro, well... you'd be half right. The Golla Calla Pouch case (just $19.95 for green or PINK!) finally arrived from the TreoCentral store and, although Jennifer is pink... er... green with envy, she thought it would be a nice departure from the norm for a guy to review a pink case! Just keep on reading for this colorful review!

Design of Pouch

Remember when I mentioned waiting anxiously for this Golla Calla Pink Pouch? Well, normally I have no problem with UPS, but in this case (pun intended), the Pink Pouch was well-travelled! Once it left the TreoCentral Store, it was routed properly to Salt Lake City (SO close!), but then inexplicably it went to Phoenix. Finally, after a couple of extra days on the road, the pouch arrived at my door and was immediately commandeered by my wife! Fortunately, I was able to examine the case in detail, talk my wife into being a hand model for some detailed pictures, and she was kind enough to report her experiences so I could write this review. Thanks, Kimberly!

The Golla Calla Pink Pouch is definitely an eye-catcher. Bubble-gum pink accented by bright red floral patterns on the outside, bright red on the inside, this case makes a statement! The material of the pouch seems to be a cotton-poly blend. It is somewhat thin but durable on the outside, softer on the inside. It is designed with a Velcro-secured top to keep your Centro in its place and includes the Golla trademark caribiner-style clip to secure the pouch (and your Centro) to your belt (if it's a THIN belt), belt loop, purse, or anything else that will fit the small silver caribiner. The pouch also includes an adjustable lanyard to provide an additional option to carry your pouch. A large zippered pocket on the back of the case is perfect to store your cash, credit cards, picture I.D., gym membership card, lipstick, etc. My wife uses this pouch when she wants to go casual and informed me that it will be PERFECT for going to the pool (or beach if we can ever go on vacation).

There are a couple drawbacks to this case that don't seem to bother my wife, but could be issues for more seasoned (and critical) pouch connoisseurs. First, the pouch is not padded in any way so it will provide little protection from impact if dropped. It should do a nice job of preventing scuffs and scratches, but it is not impact-resistant. Second, this case is fairly small and designed first and foremost for the small form-factor of the Centro. If you want a pouch for the larger Treo models, you will want to look at the other larger Golla cases.


The Golla Calla Pink Pouch ($19.95 from the TreoCentral Store!) is certainly eye-catching in pink or green, accented by a bright floral pattern and offers two different ways to secure it to your person: caribiner clip or lanyard. The generous zipper pouch on the back is great for carrying extra (small) stuff, and the softer lining inside the pouch will protect your Centro from scratches and scrapes. This is a fun case for the ladies out there who want to carry their Centro more casually. Whether your style is pink or green, this is a fun way to carry your Centro!

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Design 4
Features 5
Usability 5
Cost/Benefit 5
(not an average)
  • Bright pink or green design.
  • Several carrying options with included carabiner and lanyard.
  • Velcro-secured opening.
  • Extra pocket for storage.
  • Cons
  • No padding to protect Centro from impacts.
  • Small size limits use to Centro or smaller.

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