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Computrace Mobile helps track missing Palm handhelds

Mon Jun 16, 2008 - 12:01 PM EDT - By Dan Nimtz

Computrace Mobile from Absolute Software is being made available for Windows Mobile versions 5 and 6 devices such as the Palm Treo 750. Computrace Mobile is part of Absolute Software's suite of security products that allows an organization to manage and track handheld devices. The software allows remote deletion of data in case of theft. (Note: Click on pic to the right to open full size.)

Once the software is installed on a device, the device's configuration can be retrieved remotely. This allows a remote administrator to query the missing device, and if needed, force deletion of its data if theft is suspected.

From the website's description, it would seem that the Computrace suite of security utilities device goes beyond some of the currently available Palm utilities such as Butler, TealLock, Warden and others, which allow remote locking and deletion via text messages. Computrace allows a remote administrator to query the device as well.

Absolute Software's Computrace suite includes "LoJack for Laptops" - software that can report its location whenever connected to a network, allowing law enforcement a chance at recovery. Whether or not a similar capability will be made available for handhelds is not stated - but seems like a logical future possibility.

No price is given for Computrace Mobile.

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