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TreoMail 1.5 released

Mon Nov 4, 2002 - 9:31 AM EST - By Marcus Adolfsson

Handspring today released a new version of its Treo Mail software that delivers significantly improved email performance to Treo customers and adds support for Lotus Notes. Treo Mail 1.5 makes wireless email access on Treo even easier than before, automatically sending and receiving messages in the background so all the latest email will be ready and waiting as soon as you're ready to read it. And because all this takes place behind the scenes, you can continue browsing the Internet, checking your calendar or updating your To Do List while your email downloads. You can even choose to get notified every time you get new messages, so you'll always be on top of your inbox. When used on high-speed 1xRTT and GPRS data networks, Treo Mail will synchronize faster and more frequently for an ideal mobile email experience.

Other improvements include:

  • Increased speed and efficiency with enhanced GPRS/1xRTT data networks*
  • Full support for Lotus Notes 5.0
  • Access URLs, phone numbers, and emails with one tap directly from any email
  • Address email messages more quickly with enhanced Phone Book integration
  • Increased automatic delivery frequency—you decide how often you'd like to check for new email
  • Better integration with the Treo communicator's built-in keyboard
  • More flexible signature options
  • Ability to bcc yourself on messages
  • Better use of the color screen on 270/300

"Support for today's most popular email systems and a tighter integration with high-speed networks brings Treo Mail into a new class of mobile email products. When combined with Treo's keyboard and bright color display of the 270 and 300 models, the experience becomes unbeatable," said Joe Sipher, vice president of marketing for Handspring. "Treo Mail is an example of how Handspring's continued focus on details around dialing, addressing and browsing make a significant difference in how customers enjoy our products."

Treo Mail is available for a free 30-day trial at handspring.com in two versions - the Internet Edition, which accesses POP3 Internet email accounts, and the Corporate Desktop Edition, for Microsoft Outlook/Exchange or Lotus Notes/Domino email accounts behind a corporate firewall. Following the trial period, Treo Mail customers pay on an annual subscription basis, $U.S. 49.99 for the Internet Edition and $U.S. 99.99 for the Corporate Edition. Existing Treo Mail customers can upgrade to Treo Mail 1.5 at no additional cost.

Seamless Integration with Voice and Data

Treo Mail's integration with other core applications on Treo is a key advantage over other email devices and solutions. Web pages can be launched, phone numbers dialed, and emails addressed by simply clicking the corresponding information (URL, phone number or email address) that arrives in an email. This tight integration between voice and data applications on Treo provides people the best set of options for action on the information they receive. No other device available today offers the rich combination of a phone, a color display and a built-in QWERTY keyboard in a small and lightweight package that delivers email, messaging and web browsing at such a competitive price.

Powered by Visto, Treo Mail is a personal wireless email service that provides tight integration with a Microsoft Outlook/Exchange, Lotus Notes/Domino or POP3 email inbox. Compose, send, receive and delete messages right from your communicator, using an existing business or personal email account. Messages are formatted for the communicator display, compressed and delivered securely between Treo and the desktop.

Treo Mail Overview

Treo Mail is designed specifically for Treo communicators and will work on both worldwide GSM networks as well as GPRS and CDMA 1xRTT networks. It is compatible with all Treo communicators and is optimized to work seamlessly with Treo's application suite and hardware features like Treo's QWERTY keyboard and rocker switch. Treo Mail offers flexible, customizable delivery options to fit a variety of personal preferences that let users control when and how they send and receive email while away from their desktop computer. They can select filters to exclude messages that they do not want forwarded to Treo, thus keeping out spam and other unwanted email. Customers can access, read and compose email on Treo while talking on the phone. Treo Mail offers 128-bit SSL encryption ensuring that email is delivered to and from Treo safely and securely.

For workgroups or enterprise organizations, Visto Corporation provides the Visto Mobile Access Solution, Server Edition for Treo communicators. This solution, based on the software that powers Treo Mail, provides access to corporate email and is available directly from Visto Corporation at www.visto.com.

Treo Mail requires wireless data services from your network operator. Treo Mail users will be charged separately by their mobile phone service provider for airtime minutes and/or data transmission. See carrier plans and offers for more information.

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