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VersaMail Personal Edition for Verizon Centro

Thu Jun 19, 2008 - 2:14 PM EDT - By Jennifer Chappell


I meant to post this last week but had a brain fart spasm. No surprise there though, huh? ;-)

When Palm announced the Verizon Centro last week, they also released a special version of VersaMail 4.0 for the Verizon Centro.

"VersaMail Personal Edition" (Build 104) goes along with the Verizon Centro's $29.99 unlimited data plan. Palm's support site states that you should download and use VersaMail Personal Edition if you're subscribed to the Email and Web for Smartphones data plan from Verizon Wireless. The other version of VersaMail is Build 103, and you should download and use this software only if you plan to access corporate email through Exchange ActiveSync. VersaMail Personal Edition does not contain Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync support, and this difference can be seen while setting up a new email account.

Both versions of VersaMail support POP and IMAP accounts which are used for personall email accounts, including AOL, Gmail, Earthlink, and Yahoo!

Not sure which version is installed on your Verizon Centro? You can check to see which version you have by doing the following:

  1. From your smartphone, press Applications. Select Email to open VersaMail.
  2. Press menu. From the Options menu, select About VersaMail.
  3. Tap the Palm logo on the touch screen using the stylus or your finger. Review the Build number. If you see Build 104, you have VersaMail Personal Edition. If you see Build 103, you have VersaMail software.

You can read about how to download and install VersaMail Personal Edition here.

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