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Can Palm's Centro Still Roll With The Big Dogs at AT&T?

Fri Jun 20, 2008 - 10:19 AM EDT - By Mike Guccione

I love my Centro. There are minor annoyances (name a phone that doesn't have them), but overall, it's been a great phone. But I'm also on Sprint, where the Centro is definitely enhanced with its 3G speeds. The GSM Centro is obviously a bit of a different story with its slower EDGE speeds and no WIFI to speak of. Is the Centro a worthy adversary of the iPhone? Some would say no. Others would fight tooth and nail to defend their Centros. When it comes down to the cost to acquire each, the new iPhone will leave you $100 lighter - but is that enough difference for most consumers?

After all of this talk about the plans on which the iPhone must be activated, I took a quick peek at AT&T's website. The data plan for the iPhone seems to be pretty inline with what others are paying on their smartphones, minus any text messages. Of course, text messages can get pretty expensive. But maybe you won't be texting as much without an exposed keyboard (what - me biased towards a Centro? Nahhh...) Calm down Apple fanboys and gals, I know you like that big shiny screen.

Aftermarket apps aren't really much of an argument anymore, though the status of the OS may be. Palm's OS is a much more open operating system (albeit archaic), where as Steve Jobs has a much different idea of what can or should go on your phone. Though more and more apps seem to be surfacing for the iPhone everyday, you have to give the nod to the Centro when it comes to 3rd party applications.

What do you think? Jennifer loves her Centro, and at least in my case, the iPhone and all of its shininess has not been enough to pull me away from Sprint and my Centro. Though this is by no means an exhausting comparison (more like late night ramblings), can Palm really position itself across the same table as Apple? Or are these phones too different to even come close to comparing them? Speak your mind in the forums.

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