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Treo Software Roundup - v071108

Fri Jul 11, 2008 - 1:47 PM EDT - By Neal Martin

Palm OS

This week we're looking at Atomize and TouchLauncher, new for the Palm OS, and an update to eWallet for Palm Handhelds. New in WM software is Pocket Finance Diary and Speereo Voice Translator. There are WM updates to Spb Backup and Resco Backup, plus more...

Palm OS New:

Zlauncher Southwest Storm v1.0

With Zlauncher Southwest Storm, by LCD Gear, you can enjoy a new look for your Palm OS device running Zlauncher with the Southwest Storm theme!


  • The Southwest Storm theme is designed to provide the Palm OS user running Zlauncher a high contrast image enviroment making it easier to see your mobile screen in brightly lit areas.
  • Traditional Native American symbols are included for your tool panel.
  • The custom Southwest Storm background image is designed specifically for the Southwest Storm theme.

Get it here, it's only $2.99.

You need Zlauncher before you can use the Zlauncher themes such as the Soutwest Storm them. Zlauncher replaces the Palm default launcher and has many features. You can check it out here for $19.95.

Atomize v1.0

The objective of the Atomize, by Handcase, is to remove all atoms. The atoms are removed in chains. You can group several atoms in a chain by marking them one by one. A new atoms can be added to the chain only if it stands next to the previously marked atoms on the right, left, top or bottom, but not in diagonal and if the atoms of all marked atoms form an ascending or descending sequence. The number of the last marked atoms should be greater or less than the previous atoms with 1 atom.

Never forget you are dealing with fusion of atoms. With stopwatch, time is running... Only for Palm colored. Free only for users of the games of Handcase the GameScore to you organize all your moves for any type of game, ours game, console, arcade, pc or web.


  • Stopwatch
  • with logic combinatorial
  • More play is more hard

Sounds simple, but addictive!

Get it here for $9.00 and let me know!

SACHIN-The Story of the World’s Greatest Batsman Hi-Res v1.0

Thanks to Mobifusion Inc., the Master Blaster is now on your Mobiles! Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar often referred to as The Little Master or The Master Blaster is an Indian cricketer widely regarded as one of the greatest batsmen in the history of cricket. In 2002, Wisden rated him as the second greatest Test batsman after Sir Donald Bradman, and the greatest One-day international batsman. Now get the story of “the man”-the only cricketer to receive the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna, India's highest sporting honour and the only cricketer and one of the first sportsmen (along with Vishwanathan Anand) to receive the Padma Vibhushan (2008), the second highest civilian honour of India. He is the most sponsored player in world cricket and has a huge fan following even amongst foreign audiences.

Key Features include:

  • Schoolboy Prodigy
  • A Boy among Men
  • In The World Cup
  • Creating Cricketing History
  • The One Day Phenomenon
  • Captaincy
  • Cricket World Taken By Storm
  • The Brand, The Man
  • Photo Gallery and Statistics
  • And Many More!

Now, I personally could not care less about cricket, but figured TreoCentral is read by people world-wide - so this is for those cricket lovers everywhere!

Get it here for $9.95.

TouchLauncher v1.1.4

TouchLauncher, by Ryhor Burakou, is a new launcher for Palm OS 5. It sports a beautiful user interface and combines basic launcher features with new ideas. TouchLauncher can be used to run applications on your device with your fingers, as well as perform other basic tasks with them.

Download the trial version and play with it! The trial version supports launching of 10 first applications in TL database. To launch all your apps, purchase a full version!


  • Scroll with your finger. Change pages of applications in TL with your fingers! Tap an empty space on a page and drag it left or right to switch to the next page!
  • Support for ICONSETS and WALLPAPERS. Iconsets can be created on the desktop and then used in TouchLauncher (a basic iFone iconset is supplied) and wallpapers can be set directly in the program (a sample wallpaper supplied in the archive)
  • Get the number of unread SMS messages (Treo and Centro). If you have an icon to Messaging application in TL, a red box will display the number of unread messages on your Smartphone (see first screenshot)
  • Rearrange applications! Yes, you can use the Drag-and-Drop function to take an application icon and put it wherever you like it. It will stay there!
  • Categorize applications! Press Home or Space on your Treo to quickly change the current category. Or Menu-Y to edit application categories.
  • Rename applications! Give each application a unique name! (For example, rename "World Clock" to "Clock")
  • Basic functions (Beam/Send/Delete/Information). Just take an icon with your finger and drag it to the appropriate icon in the bottom bar.
  • Add WebLinks and Contact Links*. Add a web link to TL and quickly access your favorite webpage using Blazer. Add a contact link and quickly open your friend's business card in TouchBook! *TouchBook required.
  • - Click a letter on the Treo keyboard to highlight the icon, which name starts with that letter!
  • And more cool stuff!

The pictures here put me in mind of the iPhones screen, which it awesome!

Get it here for just $6.99!

Palm OS Updated:

eWallet for Palm Handhelds v6.1

Ilium Software has updated its eWallet for Palm Handhelds to version 6.1.

Now you can have all your important information in a format that's secure, easy to access, centralized and portable wherever you want it!

Store your credit cards, passwords, PINs, calling cards, accounts, usernames and much more in eWallet. Your information is convenient for you, but encrypted for complete safety.

This is the Palm-only version of eWallet, and will only work on your Palm handheld.

You can also try the Professional Edition, which includes a version for your Windows PC and allows you to sync to your desktop for extra ease-of-use and backup.


  • Nested categories! eWallet lets you have categories in other categories. Organize your info how you want it.
  • Choose to see your cards in an easy-to-browse list using Flex View, or use Card Style display.
  • Complete card-level synchronization on any platform. Change your cards anywhere, any time, and keep all changes when you sync (requires the Desktop companion).
  • The highest-praised portable wallet program - the winner of 9 major awards.
  • Government-level 256-bit AES encryption to protect your important info.
  • A built-in password generator to instantly create unique and secure passwords.
  • Protection against keyboard logging - fill in passwords, credit cards and other info on web pages without keying them! It's easier and more secure (requires the Desktop companion).
  • A password hint. No more worries worry about forgetting your password.
  • Over 30 unique card templates. You'll recognize your cards at a glance when they look like your real cards. More than 30 card types makes it easy to have everything you need right with you when you need it!
  • The ability to change card field labels and save cards as templates on any platform. Make exactly the card you want.

In this day of identity theft, it is VITAL to keep your personal information just that - PERSONAL - so, grab this one today!

Get it here for $19.95. (The professional version is $29.95)

Address XT Manage XT v1.7/1.20

Handydev has released its bundle of its Address XT and its Manage XT version 1.7 and 1.20!

Handydev Address XT and Manage XT bundle for a special price of $14.90! ($18.90 if purchased separately). Address XT is a perfect Contacts application and Manage XT is a handy utility to mass-manage your contacts. Together these programs make a complete solution for work with your Contacts database.


  • Address XT features include:
    • FREE version updates. You will not have to pay for any future Address XT version!
    • High-density contact list - you can view up to 100% more information on the screen at a time. This is especially useful for users which have hundreds and even thousands of Address Book entries.
    • Easily link your contacts with Tasks, Memos, Appointments or other contacts!
    • Birthday list lets you view upcoming birthdays of your contacts for a given month
    • Recent Contacts feature lets you access contacts you recently viewed
    • Remember Last Contact feature lets you avoid contact re-opening between application runs
    • 4 new sorting options let you customize the way you use your Address Book
    • Color settings let you set up a personal color scheme
    • Easilly connect to your contacts using IM or E-Mail, Quickly open their location on a map. Address XT support Google Earth and other map applications.
    • Enter Company Data screen lets you quickly enter company information to avoid data re-input
    • 100% compatibility with standard application
  • Manage XT features include:
    • FREE version updates. You will not have to pay for any future Manage XT version.
    • Handy contacts selection screen. Select records individually, or by groups.
    • Easily set private status, displayed phone number and category for all selected records.
    • Quickly find and optionally remove duplicates in your Contacts database.
    • Modify Field allows you to set a given field value for all selected records.
    • Delete all selected contacts.
    • Perform a Find and Replace operation with wildcards on your contacts.
    • Beam/Send selected contacts.
    • NEW! Easily remove special data stored in contact notes by many contact management applications.
    • Manage XT integrates with Handydev Address XT.

I have very few contacts on my phone, but for those of you who have a LOT, this program is probably for you, lol.

Get it here for $14.90.

Pretty Map Basic - Earth Atlas, GPS support, Moon and Mars Maps v5.1

Maciej Komosinski has updated his Pretty Map Basic - Earth Atlas, GPS support, Moon and Mars Maps to version 5.1.

PrettyMap lets you view vector and raster maps and images (such as country boundaries, world cities, rivers, satellite photos), search in geographically-referenced data, visualize and analyze spatial information, download current weather reports and forecasts, extend your knowledge by taking an educational quiz, and edit your own simple maps.


  • support for vector maps (points, lines, areas)
  • support for raster maps (terrain elevation and bathymetry, images, symbolic)
  • handles multi-attribute data associated with vector map objects
  • displays maps of various planets
  • supports GPS, logging GPS locations and the "follow GPS" mode
  • GPS fleet tracking service: PrettyMap can regularly report locations so that you know where your fleet is, and others know where you are
  • displays current weather maps, detailed weather reports and forecasts (requires Internet connection)
  • all maps are free: political - country boundaries with country names, capitals, population sizes; major cities with names, status, population ranks; comprehensive sets of data for each country, based on the current information from The World Factbook; USA states; major rivers; satellite photos and images; elevation data for Earth, Moon, Mars, lunar mountains, craters, seas, lakes, and many more!
  • spherical projection
  • relief and 3D elevation (DEM) view with vector map overlay
  • shows day and night regions, computes shadow length and sun/north orientation
  • various color schemes for elevation maps
  • user-defined elevation colors
  • zoom range from whole planet to meters
  • multiple, configurable vector map layers
  • data search for vector map databases
  • versatile quiz with teacher mode for vector map databases
  • bar charts and color-by option for numeric features in vector map databases
  • distance measurement
  • integrated user-defined loca
  • tions (Points Of Interest) editor, stores notes and values for each POI
  • sessions to quickly save/restore program state
  • adjustable water level for elevation data
  • numerous settings to customize the program
  • "PrettyMap Full" license offers all features. In the "Basic" version, the quiz is limited to 20 questions, there is no spherical elevation relief view, no weather forecasts for customized locations, user locations editor is limited to 20 points per map, and the "containing" option in vector data search is inactive
  • there is a simpler and cheaper application available: PrettyEarth
  • users who purchased version 4.x can UPGRADE to 5.x for $10.

New users get it here for $24.95 - while registred users can upgrade for $10!

U_Scrypt v1.07

U Scrypt has updated its U_Scrypt to version 1.07.

U_Scrypt, currently developed for Palm OS, is primarily a specialized writing system and symbol-recognition program designed to overcome the inherent problems associated with writing on handheld computers. It is experimental in the sense that it is new and was devised to compete head-to-head with pen on paper note-taking which is not yet possible given the devices on the market today (mid 2008).


  • A new, simplified character system
  • A character-specific symbol recognition program
  • A text program on which to output the recognition translation
  • A simple drawing program designed to allow rapid switching between "recognition" writing and drawing
  • A companion program "exUCS" which exports the recognition program into native or third party text applications
  • and MORE!

Get it here for $19.95.

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