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Sprint's SERO Is Out, EPRP Is In

Mon Jul 14, 2008 - 11:26 PM EDT - By Mike Guccione

All good things must come to an end - three-day weekends, full body massages and now the Sprint SERO plans that we have known for so long. With only a Sprint employee's email address (now you also need the last three digits of a Sprint employee's CID) you were granted access to some of the best deals in wireless, with plans starting from just $30 a month for 500 minutes. The real savings was what was also included - all SERO plans included unlimited data, free minutes after 7pm, unlimited weekend minutes and from time-to-time the plans also included unlimited text messages. Until just recently, that is.

For those looking to save some cash on their wireless plans, the new SERO, now called EPRP or Everything Plus Referral Program, offers very little in the way of discounts. The new EPRP plans will include 500 or 1000 minutes for $59.99 or $79.99 a month and includes the standard all-you-can-eat text messaging, web access, navigation, Sprint TV, Blackberry Internet Services, pictures and video. You will also be receiving free long distance, unlimited mobile to mobile, night calling starting at 7pm and unlimited weekends. All of this boils down to a $10 savings per month off of the standard Sprint Everything Plans with a slight bump in minutes ($120 annual savings still ain't bad) but compared to the plans they are replacing, this is a far cry from a new good thing.

[via RCR Wireless News]

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