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Opera Mini 4.1 for Palm OS Treo/Centro

Fri Jul 18, 2008 - 12:18 PM EDT - By Jennifer Chappell

We reported yesterday on Opera Mobile 9.5 Beta for Windows Mobile being released. Let's not forget about Opera Mini for our Palm OS Treos.

I read an interesting article over at Palm Addict this morning in which one of Sammy's readers wrote in and talked about installing the latest Opera Mini 4.1 on his Palm Treo 680.

Unfortunately, Scotty had some problems when trying to open the app:

When I tried to open the Opera application, after it started the initial launch setup, all I got was crash, reset, crash, reset, crash, reset...All my excitement was dashed!!!

But Scotty found the answer to getting Opera Mini to run on his 680 after a little help from WALL-E and Google.

You can find out how Scotty got Opera Mini to work on his Treo 680 by reading the full article.

TreoCentral forum member unclejung also gives instructions in this thread on how to get Opera Mini running on your Palm OS Treo/Centro. Looks like you'll need Java Virtual Machine software to get Opera Mini working properly. Head on over to the forums and read unclejung's tips. You can download Opera Mini here.

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