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Slydial Helps Further Avoid Human Interaction

Mon Jul 28, 2008 - 10:44 AM EDT - By Mike Guccione

Ever since its introduction, Caller ID has made lying about phone calls all that much harder, whether you are the one making the call or on the receiving end. Short of gambling on the off-chance of actually having to talk with someone, what options are we left with? Fear not human avoiders, Slydial has a solution for you. No more waiting and hoping that no one answers your call, Slydial will give you a surefire way to avoid any actual human interaction. Simply call up the service (they even make it easy to remember: 267-SLYDIAL), enter the target phone number and you will be directly connected to their voicemail. Sweet! The service is free, save for the short advertising message that you must listen to.

Just think, now it is so much easier to break up with someone, just leave it on their voicemail without any worry of uncomfortable chatting and small-talk (is this on the same level as the Post-It Note breakup?). Seriously, talking is so overdone anyway, do we even need these voice minutes anymore?

Note: Click on graphic to expand.

[via Engadget Mobile]

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