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Sprint Web Launch

Wed Jul 30, 2008 - 9:04 PM EDT - By Jennifer Chappell


Sprint recently announced the launch of Sprint Web, a next-generation mobile Web browsing experience on popular Sprint phones.

According to the press release, Sprint Web offers an adaptive home page that delivers usage, along with direct access to search from Google Inc. The enhancement is automatic for Sprint customers who currently access the mobile Web on these phones and requires no additonal action on their part.

"Sprint customers have always been able to access the Internet on data-capable Sprint phones, and with Sprint Web we've made it even easier for them to quickly find the information that they need," said Kevin Packingham, senior vice president of product and technology development for Sprint. "Sprint Web automatically learns what content the customer likes and puts it on their home page, along with Google search of the full Internet. This allows Sprint customers to get the most from the Internet on their phones even faster, when and where they want to, with the Now Network(TM)."

To access Sprint Web, customers just have to click the Web icon on the main menu of their phone. Each customer's Sprint Web home page will be unique, depending on their interests because the home page uses technology by ChangingWorlds. ChangingWorlds is a global expert in mobile Internet personalization and content discovery technologies.

The technology allows customers to quickly get relevant information based on what they use the most, and this makes it easier to navigate the Internet on their phones and reduces the time they spend looking stuff up. For example, if someone goes to sports links very often, the top sports stories will be featured. Well, if I were with Sprint, my Centro would always have the top Treo/Centro and Palm stories links showing up all the time.

Sprint Web also gives customers direct access from the home page to Google search, so users can get relevant open Internet results quickly and easily, in a format they're used to seeing on their computer screens. Google is now the default mobile search provider for open Internet search on Sprint phones with Sprint Web. To access Google search on these phones, customers simply click the Web icon on the main menu of their phone and enter a term into the search box on the new Sprint Web homepage.

Sprint Web is now available on 40 popular Sprint phones, including the Palm Centro. Sprint plans to make Sprint Web available on virtually all Web-capable Sprint feature phones over the coming weeks.

You can read more here.

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