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Nutshell Treo

Wed Dec 4, 2002 - 10:53 AM EST - By Dieter Bohn

The Top of the Case

T.A.N thought through the needs of your average Treo user when they made this case. The reason: the securing strap on the top. It is also made of leather, and it snugly holds the Treo in place. But since it only covers the center, you are able to:

  • Put the Treo in facing you or facing away, whatever you prefer
  • See the Signal LED
  • Switch the Silent/Sound Switch

All there options are very nice. In addition, you can get the hands free jack plugged in if you position the Treo just right in the case. Nice.

The Dirty Little Secret

Listen up everybody: I like Velcro. Yes, the top strap of the Nutshell is attached to the front of the case with Velcro. Yes, many people think this is the eighth deadly sin of cases. But the only problem with Velcro, as far as I'm concerned, is that it's loud. That's it.

Velcro is better than your average magnet in that it's much more secure. And buttons are a pain because they require a brief moment of thought to line up both ends. Some cases have a sort of leather loop that you slide the top into. Also too difficult. With Velcro, there is no thought involved, just press in the general vicinity.

With the belt loop model, there is also a handy trick that takes care of the noise problem for me. When I'm in a situation where I'll want to be pulling the Treo out of its case constantly, I simply tuck the top strap back between the case and my belt. The case is more than snug enough to hold the Treo in for casual bumps and walking.

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Product Info
> Name Nutshell Treo
> Company Nutshell
> Size 4.5" x 3" x 15/32"
> Weight 65 grams
> Fact Sheet & User Opinions
> Available

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