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KeyToss v2 Beta

Fri Aug 15, 2008 - 10:40 AM EDT - By Jennifer Chappell


I read about a neat smartphone portal over at Palm Addicts. KeyToss Mobile has just had a major new release, v2, which is in beta.

KeyToss is very customizable and you can manage your site from your desktop at www.keytoss.com.

KeyToss is a powerful, personalizable, mobile portal for smartphones and it's Free. Looks like you can really find all the information you need with KeyToss as it's packed with ways to search. KeyToss allows you to use over 50 different mobile-friendly search tools - including Google, Amazon.com, Dictionary.com, eBay, Flickr, PriceGrabber, UPS Package Tracking, Wikipedia, Yelp and YouTube. And all from one search bar as seen in the pic below. You select which tools you want in your menu and access the rest using keywords.

If you like to read the News each day and keep up with what's going on in the world, you can choose from over 650 installed news sources with KeyToss. Sweet! If there is a website or blog that you want to see and it has an RSS or Atom news feed, you can add it yourself. KeyToss will add the news feed for you if you're not sure about how news feeds work.

You can customize how you'd like to display your news headlines and you can convert the links to your choice of mobile transcoder.

KeyToss gives you a 5-day forecast with pretty graphics from msn, and coming soon will be a choice of formats and details for your weather.

More Features:

  • Sports Scores - Get the latest scores for your favorite teams here, courtesy of ESPN. Want more detail on each game or team? KeyToss links directly to the game box scores and team stats at espn.com. Team sports scores include MLB, NFL, NHL, and NBA.
  • Stock Quotes - Get your Yahoo stock quotes at KeyToss. And quotes for other publicly traded companies too. Haven't you always wanted to launch your mobile browser and immediately see how much money you've made today? Yeah, us too. Some day, you'll be able to enter things like number of shares so you can see how much money you've made, but for now, you can see the current prices for the stocks in your portfolio (delayed for some markets).
  • File Transfers - A convenient way to install apps or transfer files to your phone. Just upload any file up to 20MB from your computer. You have a week to retrieve it from your device. KeyToss will automatically remove your file when it expires.
  • Total Control - Add, remove, and rearrange modules. Customize multiple pages. How many mobile websites allow you to rearrange modules? How many even give you modules in the first place? We do both. And we make it easier than all those websites that don't even have modules.
  • Easy Navigation - Use your keypad for shortcuts across most pages. Your phone has a keypad. You can now use it to navigate your new favorite mobile website. Section 2, section 5, next page, next section, top of page. It doesn't get any better than this. If you have a trendy "touch" phone without a keypad or a phone with an awful browser, you're missing out.

You can check out KeyToss here. It's Free but you'll need to register. Looks pretty good!

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